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the most beautiful girl in the world. perfect in every way. smart too, but likes to deny it. she truly is amazing. i love her <3
danya is just so pretty and perfect.
by psy doe April 13, 2013
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Danya is quite the sophisticated girl, her cute and loving personality is what makes her stand out from the rest of the crowd. Danya is very beautiful, she's usually thin with really nice assets (titties and ass). she's super sporty and extremely smart. When she walks down the halls, she makes both guys and girls drool, as she's drop dead gorgeous. She's an amazing and genuine friend which is extremely rare to find now a days. If you ever get a girl like danya, make sure to always keep her happy and pleased, or else you will never see the day of light. When and if you find a girl as perfect as a danya, NEVER let her go!!!!
man, today i was in the mall, and i saw this beautiful ass girl, she's been running through my mind all day. She definitely had to be a Danya cuz aint no girl that sexy a margret.
by play with my butthole June 13, 2018
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noun- a dynamic woman who is funny and smart and works with amazing people on a daily basis, is terrifically sexy and drives men wild with desire

verb-the first margarita on vacation
I can't wait til we get to acapulco I gotta get my danya on
by meeko f February 02, 2010
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I was forced to do this, please send help! She has me locked in her basement, and has put a gun on my head. She's threatened me to write something nice or else I'll never see the kids again!
by EliaIsGay May 21, 2019
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the act of thuggin' (being a thug)
has a tendency of breaking out the bling and dem ho in public
"yooo man, he been danya-in'!"
by Misters F January 16, 2008
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