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The slow, painful death of a project prior to completion due to its assignment to a committee. May occur due to squabbling, apathy, or a lack of individual accountability among the members.
The club's idea to make a website suffered from death by committee when all of the members assumed someone else would make it.
by Wapt February 13, 2009
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Unsportsmanlike exuberance resulting from the excessive consumption of Gatorade
"Last time you drank that much Gatorade, you bit the opposing goalie. If you can't control your gatorage then please stick with water or soda."
by Wapt January 9, 2009
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A request to buy the speaker a drink.
"That one scene's bought me a thousand drinks. Set me up and I'll tell it for you, friend." (Bruce Springsteen, "Western Stars")
by Wapt July 23, 2019
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A house where two or more unrelated people pay rent to live.
I lived in a share house in Paramatta for a few years but got tired of cleaning up my roommates' messes.
by Wapt August 28, 2009
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To go for a walk in the wilderness, generally for an extended period of time.
I bushwalked from Bundeena all the way to Wollongong along the coast.
by Wapt August 28, 2009
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Australian slang for a woman associated with a biker gang.
The bikie chicks sat down in the hotel and began ordering drinks.
by Wapt August 28, 2009
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The centre of Australia, known for its vast desert of red soil.
We flew from Sydney out to Alice Springs to spend some time in the Red Centre
by Wapt August 28, 2009
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