Main city in Australia, south of Sydney, that did indeed used to be nice, but is now swarming/over-crowded with wogs, racists, and tools. Featured attractions include:
The Cancer cluster at Port Kembla.
Australia's primary heroin import docks, also in Port Kembla.
The resident heroin junkies at Crown Street Mall.
The resident heroin junkies at Denison Street.
The resident heroin junkies at New Dapto Road.
A large demonic portal that channels all the corruption of the world and distils it in the form of the Local Council.
A smaller demonic portal, also channeling corruption, but funnelling it towards the monopoly that owns every single nightclub in the town, with the exception of one on Crown St, which is soon to be demolished by aforementioned monopoly anyhow (by order of aforementioned corrupt Council).
Cute girl from Sydney: "Where are you from"
Guy from Wollongong: "Wollongong"
Cute girl from Sydney: <runs in the opposite direction>
by e_i_pi March 9, 2008
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Damn girl, your boyfriends is as long as a Wollongong" "What's a Wollongong?" "It's Willy Wonka's Ding Dong, also known as a penis.
by ohmygod143 March 1, 2011
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A main city in Australia used to be a nice safe place for Aussies to relax and surf.

Now over crowded with dirty wogs like lebs and masos, Who think there the "Shit" because they cant fight unless there in a pack and drive around in ricers.
"Fucking lebs chased my ass down the other day in town for 30c just because im Aussie"

"Omg sick bro see my new sub at south beach"
by mfcrew February 20, 2005
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Used to be a nice city, now is swarming with tools and racists. Racial violence and 'gangsterism' (middle class kids, usually white or ethnic, pretending they are gangsters) are common place, and most people are too content with their lives to want to change anything.
Awsome place to live, shitty population.
So many racist tools in wollongong. Such as the other entry on this page..
by think-your-own-thoughts April 30, 2007
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a north american tradition from central florida.

it is celebrated by a multi-racial community on Martin Luther King Day every january with a feast .
I cannot wait to have chicken and waffles with my pansit at wollongong!
by lineyline January 9, 2012
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A communal pissing hole, for junkie sluts, and derro crackheads alike.
Random senile plague-ridden ethnic women also frequent the triage waiting room, and sit, rocking, muttering, and hacking up small chunks of their pulmomary system.
The paper-pusher staff are hardened and jaded as a result, and as such have developed a foul contempt for all that enter the waiting room.
Oi, Oi, Acko ya cunt, me n dezza are takin shazza down wollongong hospital cos she had too many pingers ayy. Want me to get on for ya while I'm there?
by Hyperactive Grandpa October 9, 2011
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The Wollongong handshake is a unique way people from Wollongong and the Illawarra region of NSW (especially fucken Dapto) use to greet each other.

To use the Wollongong handshake you must find a sharp object (e.g. A knife, a sharpened toothbrush etc.) then you walk up to someone to greet them and shiv them in the guts.
G’day Tony! *proceeds to give the Wollongong handshake* Hope you’re doin well. *Tony proceeds to bleed out*
by durrymunchayoda June 19, 2022
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