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Complete Obliteration of the female anatomy to the point where gender is unidentifiable.
We fucked for like 3 days str8. Lets just say Jessica was fully nozzled by the end of our sexcapade!
by urbannozzler March 16, 2009

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A state of mind so chemically altered, twacked, thrashed up and sleep deprived that ones self and fellow on-lookers would be led to believe that one has lost all touch with reality, yet one is completely and utterly aware, on point, and charismatic and this is brilliantly showcased through each flawless thought stream, every epic verbal diatribe, and an infinite series of highly tactical maneuvers performed with fluidity and grace.
Sam: "You have been partying for a while Jack, but you seem hella on point with no signs of slowing down!"

Jack: "Obviously. Im Sophistifaded... Wanna drive cross country?"

Sam: "Only if you are driving."
Jack: "Obviously"
by Urbannozzler June 11, 2010

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A down ass girl willing and wanting to hold and incubate your crew's pill stash in her private parts in order to get past security undetected at a rave or club.
Yo your girl is chill as fuck! She is a pill incubator. Her incubation last night was a clutch maneuver for us. I don't know what we would have done without her skills! I think I'm in love.
by Urbannozzler March 29, 2009

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A sheer overwhelming amount of bonchial surface area. ---May also be used to indicate the presence of bonch or "bonch-like" particles, oils, cells, follicles, extracts, hairs or aromas.
---A perpetual visitation of the bonchal region by one's genitalia, oral orifice, or semenal discharge splatter.

--A mutated or roided up skin patch or bonch dermis; Any taint hair and/or taint folicles at which bonch hair has or had the capacity to emerge.

Pretty much any contact with a bonch, or multiple bonch-i. would allow for one to suggest that the event be deemed a "bonchapalooza"
Until last Monday, I had know idea how Jessica felt about Naomi. Let's just say Jessica was not fazed by her dedicated involvement in the Bonchapalooza!
by urbannozzler August 02, 2009

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When an opportunity arises for a non self made, wealthy yet highly sheltered individual with low to medium extroverted qualities fails to capitalize on an inebriated female who to other on-lookers obviously wants to be infiltrated by his nozzle regardless of his shortcomings as a human being.
Yo Brandon was a total Soft Dogg last night. Trinity was faded and totally wanted dick! I wish that fool would step his game up!
by Urbannozzler March 19, 2009

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When a female homosapien has a cluster of genitals that achieve an unprecedented moisture level so as to erupt a stream of discharge of such uncanny force and magnitude, that the likes of Mt Vesuvius and Niagara Falls are envious.
I am not hesitant to strongly recommend the the laying down of no less than 40 shammies if you decide to infiltrate Jessica on your couch, floor or bed. That girl is blessed with a perfect body, but FUCK it can and will get messy if her splash vage involuntarily decides to erupt! Stick with the shower.
by urbannozzler March 30, 2009

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Acronym for Dumb Ass Sway Mode.

An individual that is so faded from alcohol intake that tactical movements, thoughtful acts, accurate judgements, speech clarity, diction, appropriate voice tone, manners, respect for woman and animals, balance, proper hygene, equilibrium, logic, and the ability to locate, open and apply proper contraception to one's nozzle prior to intercourse are completely foreign concepts to the individual.
Dasm "I cant believe he went down on Tina. I'd personal rather do lines of your grandma's menstral cycle than be in the general vicinity of that rancid orifice! Dasm

"Yo ... he was DASM!"

Dasm "Makes sense then"
by Urbannozzler June 11, 2010

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