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A state of mind so chemically altered, twacked, thrashed up and sleep deprived that ones self and fellow on-lookers would be led to believe that one has lost all touch with reality, yet one is completely and utterly aware, on point, and charismatic and this is brilliantly showcased through each flawless thought stream, every epic verbal diatribe, and an infinite series of highly tactical maneuvers performed with fluidity and grace.
Sam: "You have been partying for a while Jack, but you seem hella on point with no signs of slowing down!"

Jack: "Obviously. Im Sophistifaded... Wanna drive cross country?"

Sam: "Only if you are driving."
Jack: "Obviously"
by Urbannozzler June 11, 2010
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When someone gets all sophisticated on your ass when your both high/faded.
John: Man i am so high
Jack: dude, did you know A rat can last longer without water than a camel.
John: STFU jack.

Jorge: what the fuck is up with Jack?
John: he's sophistifaded.
by jA-everyday August 10, 2009
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