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Acronym for Dumb Ass Sway Mode.

An individual that is so faded from alcohol intake that tactical movements, thoughtful acts, accurate judgements, speech clarity, diction, appropriate voice tone, manners, respect for woman and animals, balance, proper hygene, equilibrium, logic, and the ability to locate, open and apply proper contraception to one's nozzle prior to intercourse are completely foreign concepts to the individual.
Dasm "I cant believe he went down on Tina. I'd personal rather do lines of your grandma's menstral cycle than be in the general vicinity of that rancid orifice! Dasm

"Yo ... he was DASM!"

Dasm "Makes sense then"
by Urbannozzler June 11, 2010
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Dab spasm
Having an attack of excessive and consecutive dabbing at random times.
Yo, I just had a dasm in class and the teacher started dabbing too.
by hedramyert October 17, 2017
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A form of damn used to by-pass language filters.
RE: Items for sale

Dasm! You've got some nice stuff there.
by Corsairpro February 19, 2004
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