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spelled in many ways

Nikki is a fictatious name given by invisible people who are also invisible who can not hurt or harm.

Nikki is invisible with no magic or spirit to soar
I'm so glad my name is Nicole and not ANikki
by UnoYoko February 12, 2022
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negativity REVOKED
any spiritual or 3D movements done without ones own approval is vanished going to ADanny ADorothy or ADanielle AElaine Ashavon Akeisha Atanequa ANatalee APoree ALopez Apryce etc ... and to the mindset of their negativity and hopelessness thst there of there income homes and their bodies.
I'm so happy 'Spirit Talk' exist.
"Spirit talk" is super clean and comforting"
I speak 'spirit talk' and no weapon formed against me or thine will prosper..
No weapon can prosper towards or against We.
by UnoYoko February 12, 2022
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Pronounced TELL-SEE
TEL-CY can and should be hyphenated/better when hyphenated

Tel-cy Is to Tell what you see that isn't of good character

or order to understanding in comprehension of whats expressed verbally written or seen visually. (dreams included) spiritual is already understood.

Tel-cy also means white and why

(hence the Y is silent)
I Telcy Tel-cy lots of things

tel c not be nice
just Tel-cy it out (as in just correct it or white it out -office setting talk)
by UnoYoko February 12, 2022
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Me Madré also spelled miMadre

Means happy mother

sweet clean mommy
excited mom
fit mama

and or shopaholic

(the shopaholic part can be used as humorous or irritating for both male and female)
my meMadré is a supreme being.
meMadré is a nice alternate to mommy

Don't be a meMadré (example don't over shop and get out of budget)
by UnoYoko February 12, 2022
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A liar that lies so much and cover things up with more lies

a continuos Liar or
compulsive liars
or to be in the mindset of denial
why do you continue to "lie like a rug"
There should be "Lie like a rug charges" in the court of law
by UnoYoko February 12, 2022
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also used and spoken as "Mind your Own Business" used when someone is interfering with your thoughts, actions, choices or point of view/s.

it's used to defend(yourself or someone else)

to mind your own business is to focus on your OWN body, mind, choices, point of views etc.... unless your a parent (then the purpose would be to mind yourself and child or children)

to be used with no explanation neccessary
(statement: I can not believe you said what you said to your boss the other day)
response "mind your own buisness"

(Q) why did you get that color shirt the orange one looks better

(Response: Mind your Business) with no explanation necessary
by UnoYoko February 12, 2022
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to be over large
to be extra seen by body width (which some call fat, or Lard)
That young man jaden is morbidly obese
That teenage lady sole' is super morbidly obese
I have a morbidly obese fetish with Money and Fashions.
by UnoYoko February 12, 2022
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