5 definitions by Ulty

A term used by obese fat little children who want to do some sort of school project, but procrastinated to the last minute. The little kids usually forget that they exist and usually hop on google slides. They show some sort of Schizophrenia symptoms, and tend to have rough gay sex with their monitors.
William: "Hey Tarquinius, want to hop on google slides?"
Tarquinius: "Yeah sure, give me a minute."
William: "Wait - I forgot to tell you, I don't exist. Don't take your meds."
by Ulty May 3, 2022
A term used for men and women who have no friends and are huge history nerds. Usually perform e-sex to each other because of how much they bond about history.
Freddie: "Hey Linda, let's hop on Civ 6!"
Linda: "No, I have friends."
by Ulty May 1, 2022
Term for men who love to get shot and molested by baby monkeys. The man usually enjoys it.
John: "Hey, want to hop on Hearts of Iron 4?"
Larry: "Yeah, sure. I'd love to :D"
by Ulty May 1, 2022
Term for people who seduce their pets, and abuse their wives. Usually used by people who have no relationships with any living-being, and must use body pillows as some sort of relationship.
John: "Hey Clark, wanna hop on overwatch?"
Clark: "What no? What are you doing in my house?"
by Ulty May 2, 2022
Term for two hot friends that love making out with themselves. Usually evolves pigs and donkeys. It also intends that you want to get cheated on by all of your partners.
Laura: "I really want to hop on Rainbow six siege."
John: "Please don't, I've gone through 15 girlfriends in the past 15 days."
by Ulty May 3, 2022