A fancy word for "information" invented by tech folks to make their jobs sound harder than they really are.
My metadata is flaring up today.
by clayton rattlesnake January 25, 2012
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It's a word that actually refers to a very simple thing.

In computer systems, metadata is basically the information of the file (i.e. file size, date created, date modified, etc.)

Metadata is—for the most part—specific depending on the type of file. For music and video files, it can include information such as length, bitrate, artist, title, resolution, etc etc.
"Before sharing the document, make sure to remove any sensitive metadata such as author names, revision history, and comments to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the file"
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currency of 2019 - not every donkey understands how to manipulate it.
just a pinch of metadata manipulation and the results will be there
by alanford May 1, 2019
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