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One of many districts in Japan. A popular hang-out for teens who are into Street Fashion or Gothic Lolita style clothing.
Harajuku is a nice place to take a look at all the latest fashions from Tokyo!
by Neko October 20, 2004
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Harajuku is a cool place to visit on weekends when the interesting people come to hang out. I have played guitar there on several occasions in the open plaza by the entrance to the Meiji Jingumae historical site. Even as a middle aged American, I was accepted by the locals and we just had a great music jam and shared songs.
Proper pronunciation of Harajuku is difficult for Americans because there is no English equivalent for the J or R sounds. The J is pronounced like the French name Jaques. Not SH like shock or J like jock. Also the R is rolled as it would be if spoken in the German language.
by Chiaki54 October 17, 2008
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It's a popular teen discrict in Tokyo, where your style is everything.
Damn...Those Harajuku Girls got some wicked style..
by Jey December 23, 2004
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Harajuku (Œ´h) is the common name for the area around Harajuku Station on the Yamanote Line in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo, Japan.

Though it was really just shopping area it became a Sunday hangout for the fashionistic teens of Japan in the 80's when street performers and wildly dressed kids started showing up to show off there own musical and artistic creations. Through this artistic outburst have come many subcultures such as: Visual Kei, Lolita, Decora, Ganguro, etc.

Since the solo career of the now oh so un-original Gwen Stefania terrible Americanised view of "harajuku" has been seen. With her latest tour and label Harajuku Lovers(rudely and obviously ripped off from Yasuharu Tanaka's famous Japanese fashion label, Super Lovers)Gwen's trendy American followers have developed poor knowlegde of the complex fashionistc society of Japanese Street Fashion that insults true fans in western civilization.
Gwen: "Harajuku girls have wicked style:
Gwen fan: "Look there's a heart on my shirt! Now I'm all Harajuku like my idol Gwen."
American JSF-er: "Gwen Stefani is a jerk."
by Nicolethe14 October 31, 2006
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This isn't really a definition. Anyways, 'Harajuku' is a location in Japan where the young and teenagers dress in their own fashions they invent themselves, or cosplay outfits.

In the song "Rich Girl".. or mainly any Gwen Stefani song, she has "her" Harajuku girls in it. Gwen paid four japanese girls to follow her around, and Gwen treats them like accesories. No woman, in my opinion, should be made into a mute fashion accessory. Just the image of four non-white women trailing around behind a white woman, hanging on her every word and not being allowed to speak… Can you really say that this is a harmless affectation? Asian fetishism nor not, this is certianly female fetishism.

Has anyone noticed the dominating hold she has over the girls? she claims ownership of them, dresses them up and gives them names (love, angel, music & baby).

I was under the idea that they were her posse, not the newest version of chihuahua. All she needs now is a collar and chain.

As soon as I saw her video for rich girl I had to leave the room, she’s giving japanese fashion such a bad name…”I'll dress them up and give them names” What the fuck?? They aren't items. Stefani should have just bought herself a new pair of diamond earrings instead of four slaves.
Gwen Stafani:"I'd get me four Harajuku girls to
Inspire me and they'd come to my rescue
I'd dress them wicked, I'd give them names
Love, Angel, Music, Baby
Hurry up and come and save me"
Me: LITTLE BITCH! -snipes her in her ass-crack-
by Tsuki May 13, 2005
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Harajuku is the fun, bright and creative street style which is very hot right now in the streets of Harajuku, Tokyo Japan.

No wonder that Tokyo is a huge fashion icon around the world. Teenagers in Japan dress in colourful clothes. They mix and match different clothing and create their own style, with big bright coloured hair and cute accsessories.

As referred by Gwen Stefani they have wicked style, Gwen is very inspired by these girls and Japan calture as stated in her latest album. Infact the has her own range of accsessories named afer her Harajuku girls. The range is called L.A.M.B which stands for Love.Angel.Music.Baby (The names of her harajuku dancers), the range features clothes, hair accessories and even Gwen has launched her brand new digital camera just launched in the U.S a few weeks ago.

If you've heared Gwen's latest album then you probably know that almost every single song has the word "harajuku girls" or "harajuku"
Harajuku girls, you got the wicked style. I like the way that you are I am your biggest fan.
by Hannah March 02, 2005
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