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Absolutely horrible organization bent on eliminating ALL pet ownership! PETA claims to be people for the ethnical treatment of animals, but all they are are people who would rather see an animal dead than in the constraints of human ownership. They recently stole a 9-year old's dog without just cause and killed it. They claim milk is a racist drink and that meat causes incompetency. Hello, humans have been drinking milk and eating meat for many many years now, I doubt they pose a threat if our ancestors ate meat and drank milk. These people are extremist assholes! A true animal lover protects animals, not kill them! Animals have forever changed our lives and that's the way it needs to stay!
In the past year, PETA has euthanized roughly 30,000 animals they deemed unadoptable.
by Truelove101 January 2, 2015
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A woman that's extremely hot and causes heads to turns. You're lucky if you find a natural one! Those are rare nowadays. If you got one, never let her go because a redhead is by far the most unique woman you'll ever meet!
by Truelove101 November 22, 2013
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Sweet talk is what most women absolutely love to hear from a guy they are into! Sweet talk can be as simple as "you're beautiful" to "I love you". It's when a guy speaks from his soul and not from his mouth to tell his woman how much he cares for her. Sweet talk is what gets women listening, sweet talk is what gets women interested, sweet talk is what keeps a relationship strong, so long as it's true.
Man: Jenny, have I ever told you how beautiful you are?
Woman: Derek, that's so sweet of you!

Man: I don't know what I'd do without you, my world revolves around you, I love you with all my heart Jenny!
Woman: That's some sweet talk Derek!
Man: You know it baby!
by Truelove101 June 9, 2016
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Awesome people who spend 8 years in college learning how to help loving animals in any and every way they can! These people are true animal lovers! There are small animal veterinarians and large animal veterinarians and they're all awesome! These people aren't in it for the money, they're in it for the animals!
Julia loved animals so much, she went to 8 years of college to be a veterinarian! She absolutely loves her job and she loves all the animals she helps everyday!
by Truelove101 January 12, 2015
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A girl who will undoubtedly rock any guy's world. Sweet and caring, a Melanie will stand by her man. Usually quite attractive too. Any guys that run across a Melanie had better hold on to her because she will stay loyal to you, never cheat, and love you with all her heart.
Guy 1: Dude, who's the hot chick you were checking out last night?
Guy 2: Melanie. I wish I could date her!
Guy 1: I know bro! Any guy would be lucky to date her!
melanie sweet caring loyal guy
by Truelove101 December 29, 2014
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Second biggest four year public university in the state of Wisconsin. Sheldon B. Lubar school of business is one of the best in the nation. UWM is a great teaching school. UWM has awesome residence halls. The campus also acquired about 10 acres of undeveloped forest for its school of letters and sciences back in 2010. If you like suite-style residence halls, small class sizes, great food, and top quality education, then UWM is for you!

Friend: Hey, where did you go to college?
Me: I went to UWM!

Friend: I've heard about them, are they a good college?
Me: Only if you like suite style residence halls, awesome on-campus events like battleship and pantherfest, smaller class sizes, and one of the top colleges in Wisconsin!
Friend: That sounds awesome! I should've gone to UWM!
UWM, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is the second biggest four year public university in the state of Wisconisin, second only to UW Madison.
by Truelove101 June 9, 2015
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One of the best animals in existence! Dogs are a bred-down version of the modern wolf, but there is so much more to dogs than their ancestry! Dogs really are man's (or woman's) best friend because they are pack animals, meaning they are forever loyal to whomever takes care of them, dogs can read human emotions like they're open books, and one dog kiss is enough to make even the hardest hearts break open! Dogs are healers, friends, and family, hands down!
A) Hey man, why do you have a dog?
B) What do you mean?
A) I mean dogs are just whiny, furry, stinky messes. They bark till midnight and sniff everything!
B) Maybe you need to open your mind! Dogs are the most loyal animals around! They heal the depressed, protect families, and read us like books! Dogs are amazing even if you don't think so!
by Truelove101 November 10, 2015
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