“drank milk” is an odd phrase meant to describe someone who got defeated, and can be used in any circumstance.

The phrase came from me and a few mates on XBL. We was playing COD S&D and my mate was the last teammate alive. And he got killed by an enemy while she was distracted drinking a glass of milk thinking she was safe in a corner. Since then, it was just an inside joke till few people started catching onto it.
It’s a fun phrase that’s not meant to be taken seriously.
Mate: Yo we just ruined the other team, that lil bitch on the other team is 1 - 13
Me: Yea lol. They literally fuckin’ drank milk!
by Pastry_Maker October 13, 2018
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A product of the Richardsons Farms
"Mannn I want some GDM!"
"K, ill go grab it from ma fridge!"

"Wanna grab me some grape drank milk?"
by jubejuber May 11, 2010
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