11 definitions by Trev

A common typo of n00b
Omg you're such a m00b!
by Trev January 21, 2005
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D.J.B Esq.
And inexplicably my wrist hurts, possibly from overuse (no sniggering at the back).
by Trev October 08, 2003
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A right minging bunter. Other words used could be swamp donkey or, of course, carrot cruncher! Normally a quasi will have a slight limp or will just walk abit funny (Like they've just shat themselves for example!)
"Bloody hell mate, look at that chick over there walking like a right noggin, wait a minute, is that a chick or a bloke?!"
"Jesus harry christ son, that ain't either, thats a bloody quasi!!"
by Trev November 19, 2003
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Fat Bastard, a person with more than acceptable body fat percentage. Usually synergistic with being a whiney git with personal hygine issues.
That fucking FB stole my Jaffa Cakes.
by Trev October 03, 2003
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