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fear of clowns
i have Coulrophobia ever since i was raped by a clown
by trev March 06, 2004
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A rural state of hardy pick-up truck drivers, mountains, toll plazas, fireworks stands, cheap liquor, and bitter cold that a flock of massholes passes through weekly on the way to an expensive ski vacation, where they engage in tax free shopping to send a handful of young New Hampshirites to college in Massachusetts.
New Hampshire: Live, freeze and die. Ayuh.
by Trev January 28, 2004
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From Swedish, meaning dick-ckeese. You know, that yellow stuff on your cock.
Man, there's a lot of flens on my dick. I knew I should've cleaned my penis at least once a year.
by Trev January 17, 2005
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An abbrevation for scrotum. Typically used to describe a person with the personality or looks of a ball sack.
He's such a fucking scroate.
by Trev October 03, 2003
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One who excessively get owned in the face by Dutchmen; is rarely seen without its cache of cheeto puffs or at least some orange residue on the fingers.
Man, Haz, you are so much cooler than that Baylus.
by Trev February 16, 2005
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As kids we used it in the sense of caretaker on a building site, we'd be going around looking for mischief
Watch out the gadge's comin!
by trev November 10, 2003
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when a woman is just fucking shit in bed and has no intrest in doing anything but laying there and being stuffed by her boyfriend. She will not suck your cock, she will not wank you off, she will not bend over and let you treat her like the dirty slag you want her to be, she is just a spasticated hole that should be taken out back and shot.
i hate fucking my girlfriend, she does fuck all, she is just a wet pillow !
by trev June 17, 2006
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