265 definitions by Tony

to insert your finger into your anus, then wipe the shit off onto an unsuspecting person's top lip. kinf of like the dirty sanchez.
when steve passed out last night, justin gave him a wicked Shitler mustache!
by tony February 24, 2004
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Slang for a broken down car likely sitting on blocks in the front yard with the windows smashed out; very common on Indian Reservations.
It may be a crappy car, but at least it's not a res runner.
by Tony August 14, 2005
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Marijuana a time of the day when one smokes marijuana
A time or date when one smokes marijuana
by Tony April 22, 2005
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A guitar distortion pedal dating to the 60's. Synonymous with Jimi Hendrix.
Man, the way Jimi cranked that Fuzz Face fucking blew my mind.
by Tony April 10, 2005
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One of Rammstein's kick-ass songs, along with Du Hast and Sonne. Sadly used as a publicity stunt for a Vin Diesel movie.
Don't buy or rent xXx just to see Rammstein in it, buy Rammstein's "Lichtenhaus" DVD. It has all their music videos and some live performances.
by Tony March 13, 2004
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ghetto term for Tarpon Springs, FL
Ahh fuck man, your lucky to get outta T-Sprangs without getting shot!
by Tony March 18, 2005
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the act of pulling out your cock and smacking someone in the face with it, leaving the imprint of your mushroom head
when kayla got out of line and started crying, steve gave her a mushroom-head tattoo
by tony May 02, 2004
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