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This expression refers to doing anything that would jeopardize something important or essential to you. A common example of shitting where one eats is engaging in a romantic affair with a co-worker, but lying to your roommate or stealing from friends also fits this expression.
Local Bike Shop Mechanic #1: "Can you believe that guy? I've hooked him up dozens of times, but after the tantrum he just threw, I'll never take a dime off a part for him again."

LBS Mechanic #2: "Seriously. Hasn't he ever heard? Don't shit where you eat."
by Tom Cerveaux February 08, 2010

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-adj. describing feelings of hostility or mean temper, usually related to misfortune or high stress. Originates from the fact the stabbing someone or something seems unusually rational when one is in a stabby mood.
Child rearing can make an overworked mom feel downright stabby. Don't tell CPS (child protective services).
by Tom Cerveaux January 25, 2010

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Excellent. Superlative. Top notch. Used to express delight, satisfaction, victory, or pleasant surprise.

This comes from an episode of "The Simpsons" in which the geeky and unpopular character Milhouse enjoys a small number of fortunate happenings, such as finding Ten Dollars. In response to the lucky occurrence, he exclaims "Everything's coming up Milhouse!" The total expression is reduced to "Millhouse" for convenience. Millhouse is a misspelling of Milhouse.
1: Yo, dood, I just found 10 bucks!

2: Millhouse!
by Tom Cerveaux April 09, 2008

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1. - adj. - wearing an excessive amount of make up, a minimal amount of clothing; ostensibly for the purpose of luring a partner into the act of sexual intercourse. Usually reserved for females, but not as a rule.
"Let's skip the clubs tonight...I can't deal with that much tarted up jailbait."
by Tom Cerveaux January 25, 2010

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As required by the fashion of the times. A hip requirement. When something achieves "the new black" status.
By simply poking my head into any of the nearby hipster bars, the frequency of pointy toed cow-girl boots firmly cements their status: de rigueur trendy footwear du jour.
by Tom Cerveaux September 23, 2006

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Sexually Transmitted Vegetarianism or Veganism

1. - n. - the conversion of a meat eater to herbivore status at the prompting of the meat eater's new boyfriend or girlfriend

2. - n. - the conversion of a meat eater to herbivore status in the hopes of establishing a romantic encounter with a decided vegetarian or vegan

Meat Eater: "Yo, let's a grab a steak. My treat."
New Vegan: "Sorry dude. No steak for me. My new girlfriend would kill me if she could taste cow on me."
Meat Eater: "Wow. I never thought you'd catch an STV."

Vegan Guy: "So, how long have you been a vegan?"
Fresh Vegan Convert: "Uh...about 2 days, I guess."
Vegan Guy: "That's when you met me! Did I give you an STV?"
by Tom Cerveaux January 25, 2010

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Berrious- Of, or pertaining to berries,
sharing characteristics with berries...i.e. fragrance,
reminiscent of berries
Divorce Court
"She just comes out of the shower, naked, all smellin' like regular soap. That ain't no way to turn me on. I remember when whe used to use some fancy shampoo, and she would be smellin BERRIOUS"
by Tom Cerveaux March 11, 2005

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