1. Bart Simpson's friend in the popular TV program The Simpsons.

2. Nixon's middle name (without the "e").
1. Milhouse van Houten.
2. Richard Milhous Nixon.
by allie + lilian July 28, 2005
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Not a meme. -4chan
"Milhouse is NOT a meme!"

"Milhouse is NOT a meme is NOT A MEME!"
by Noa January 27, 2005
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Or "Milly".

Descriptive term for a deluded predatory internet fraudster with pederastic tendencies.

A "fat sweaty mess" often seen wandering around Stansted Airport utterly convinced he has lured an imaginary Italian nubile to his native country. Will often be dressed in a rancid bumble bee outfit and sporting a man bag full of soiled kleenex and anal beads.
Portuguese Police have asked the public to contact them immediately if anyone fitting Milhouse's description was seen in the area at the time.

"This chatroom is monitored by responsible adults. Anyone behaving like Milhouse will be reported immediately to the appropriate authorities"

by Julia Wright-Trapezi February 11, 2009
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A synonym of the word "weak", symbolizing the submissive, pre-pubescent weakness of the character Milhouse, from The Simpsons.

Use is similar to the word "fail" in describing objects, people, events, or qualities.
Example 1:

Lenny: "Two years ago I couldn't bench press my own body weight."

Carl: "That's because you were a Milhouse."

Example 2:

Lenny: "My mom only put one slice of turkey in my sandwich..."

Carl: "Your mom makes your lunch? That's Milhouse...and your sandwich is Milhouse too."

Example 3:

Lenny: "I completely forgot all the dating tips you gave me when I approached her so I choked and couldn't ask her out."

Carl: "That's cuz you're a Milhouse!"
by IEATRICE December 15, 2008
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an incredibly weak spliff which makes you even more strung out than you were before you smoked it.
'Fucking hell mate, take this horrible milhouse, pass your weed and let me roll a proper one'
by BOB MONKHOUSE April 23, 2008
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1. Member in the online game community who has disappeared since becoming married to a non-gamer.

2. The act of disappearing suddenly.
1. Man that medic ruled! Whatever happened to Milhouse?

2. The ninja milhoused into the shadows.
by Jethro December 31, 2004
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Bart's nerdy myopic best friend on "The Simpsons".
Milhouse says: I hate wearing these flood pants!
(Upon opening his bedroom door, water gushes in.)
Milhouse: "Hey my shoes are wet, but my flood pants are totally dry. Alright! Everything's coming up Milhouse!"
by Agent Chainsawlady September 26, 2004
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