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Also known as a seifuku. A cute and attractive uniform worn by Japanese girls.
Yuki wears a sailor uniform.
by ToasterStroodles April 21, 2016
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What a fuckboy or "player" will call you as a trick to get in your pants.

It is usually coupled with "I think about you every day" But what they really mean is "I think about you a lot, but only when I am not fucking the other girl(s) that like me."
This boy called me his dream girl and after we made out he didn't contact me for three months, probably sleeping with some other girl. What a fuckboy...
by ToasterStroodles April 12, 2016
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A pathetic burned-out stoner piece of shit who does nothing but smoke weed excessively and fuck with girls' feelings. He has the IQ of a peanut with zero-to-no talent, yet thinks he is hot shit because he is tall and skinny, and can get any woman he wants, whenever he wants. He is the type of guy that will point out physical "flaws" in your features and defeminize you for being too tall for a girl, or have big feet for a girl, as well as saying things like "I don't understand why so many guys like you".

He is also probably a college dropout who just wanks all day to hentai and Asian porn, while being balls deep in debt and throws all his friends away when he has no use for them anymore.

He is also the type of nilla to find loopholes to cheat on his current girlfriends without "technically" cheating, such as dumping them to fuck another girl just to try to hook back up with his girlfriend again.

He probably compulsively lies 420 times a day, or whenever he can.

The type of dude to ask the girl his current girlfriend doesn't want him talking with, to roll on MDMA with him like its a normal, healthy way to hang out with the girl he is trying to two-time.
Trevor is such a fuckboy, he finds loopholes to cheat on his girlfriend without actually cheating and throws his friends away when he has no use for them anymore.
by ToasterStroodles April 15, 2016
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A fuckboy who is also a drug addict.

Fuckboy + Druggie = Fuggie
Trevor is a fuggie, he is a drug addict and a fuckboy piece of shit.
by ToasterStroodles May 06, 2016
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Smoking and/or vaping weed, plants, mary jane, doobies, marijuana, leaves, pot, trees, and herbs alone, or with friends.
Mary was chilling in her room alone with Mary Jane.
by ToasterStroodles May 06, 2016
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A breed of cuck who also suffers from a horrible case of fuckboy syndrome.

Cuckboys use naive women's tender emotions for sex behind their main girl's back while their dominant, bitchy girlfriend oggles other men and possibly, more than likely, also has sex with them behind HIS back. So basically they both lie and cheat on eachother. Its a lulzy thing to watch, good entertainment.
Joe is such a cuckboy, he called Annie his dream girl and led her on just so he could sleep with her while his girlfriend Naomi fucked a ton of guys but got jealous of him eyeing other women. He still talks and sees Annie behind Naomi's back though lol
by ToasterStroodles May 05, 2016
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