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A fuck boy who sucks so much that his girl cheats on him and everyone knows it but him see: cuckold
James is on Facebook raging at his girlfriend and looking like a tool because she came home last night. Little does he know it's because I was throat fucking her so hard that she needs a chiropractor. What a Cuckboy.
by dollarsignrack June 04, 2015
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a simp (CIMP) cuckboy who plays the role and submits to a hoe,online,real life. who allows them to control them thru the internet.
shawty spending time with her cuckboy while she streams on webcam earning digital currency.
by swaveymane May 28, 2018
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A breed of cuck who also suffers from a horrible case of fuckboy syndrome.

Cuckboys use naive women's tender emotions for sex behind their main girl's back while their dominant, bitchy girlfriend oggles other men and possibly, more than likely, also has sex with them behind HIS back. So basically they both lie and cheat on eachother. Its a lulzy thing to watch, good entertainment.
Joe is such a cuckboy, he called Annie his dream girl and led her on just so he could sleep with her while his girlfriend Naomi fucked a ton of guys but got jealous of him eyeing other women. He still talks and sees Annie behind Naomi's back though lol
by ToasterStroodles May 16, 2016
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An insecure cuck that also suffers from fuck boy syndrome. Commonly 5'8 or shorter, the cuckboy periodically throws temper tantrums in an attempt to make himself feel larger in stature. He also likes to talk about his emotions, and personally contemplates whether he's gay.
Dude he's always throwing fits when shit doesn't go his way. I don't know why he's acting like such a bitch

Thats cuz Gabe's a cuckboy
by CertifiedCuckboy October 10, 2017
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Also known as a "faux-feminist fuckboy", "softboy", "white knight" etc

A cuckboy is an evolved form of fuckboy that comes off as more sophisticated and worldly. This type of fuckboy is (unfortunately) smarter than other fuckboy types and has taken note of recent cultural shifts and 4th-wave feminism and has adjusted his behavior to gain the respect of others around him. He is no more than a snaky, underhanded opportunist. He will claim he is a feminist in attempt to gain their affections, but he only does this to have sex with them.

He will talk shit about other guys and how sexist they are, but this is a tactic to make you feel like he truly cares about the welfare of women. However, once he has gotten into a girl's pants he won't stick around for much longer-- in fact he's probably already moving onto his next victim. Even while sending you feminist articles and telling you how much other men suck, he's probably talking to three other girls, has two additional phone numbers, and is in a long-distance-relationship with another girl in Colorado. He frequently wears floral button-ups and has rich parents. These types of fuckboys are prevalent in ivy leagues and in liberal, transplant-infested cities like San Francisco.

In other words: "The cuckboy’s feminism is not sincere, it’s performative. It’s outward facing without any depth or belief. It exists only to convince you to fuck him, not to enrich your life (or his own) in any way. "
Rebecca: Oh my gosh, I've been dating this great guy from our work! He's from New York, went to Princeton, and is a feminist!
Britney: Wait, are you talking about Cory? Girl, he's no feminist. Stay away from him.
Rebecca: What do you mean?
Britney: He's a total cuckboy. He already has a "girlfriend" and yet I saw him making out with two different girls in Golden Gate Park this week.
by lifesrichpageant July 30, 2018
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