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The reason why you don't want to fuck a steamroller...
It is a dick wider than it is long.
"Man, this bee-atch's puss was so tight man, I was afraid if I strained myself too much, i'd fuck my dick into a choad!!!"
by TittayMastar May 26, 2003
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The tongue twister outlines a way to shape your tongue during cunnilingus. You are supposed to roll the sides of your tongue up and with the hole that is formed between them, you caress the clitoris. This is done after you've excited your woman to the point where the clit peeks out from under the hood. This control for the tongue effectively surrounds a womans clitoris, which, i've been told by many women feels awesome. Hahaaha :D
"Aaahh, ahhh, baby, gimme the tongue twista!!!"

I was obliged to tongue twist that whore.
by TittayMastar May 31, 2003
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Vernacular used by gigolos. The next port of call refers to their next customer.
Once I finish up my next port of call, I will have enough money to get medicine for these genital warts!
by TittayMastar June 13, 2003
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Non-derogatory version of "FUCK" or "SHIT"

In general, an exclamation of displeasement. Started on Mork and Mindy show, continued through Tribes and its various children (Tribes Aerial Assault, Tribes 2)
"SHAZBOT, get the Jericho over here now before I go LMNOPRAM on your ass!!!"
by TittayMastar May 26, 2003
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When used with the prefix phrases, "give someone the," "gave him/her the," etc, it means to have sex with someone, all bases.
"Dude, I was gonna give this hot chick the time, but she was a dude, dude!!!"
by TittayMastar May 25, 2003
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1) The beat created by the shifting of blood through your blood vessels, a process concieved between the atriums and ventricles of the heart, and among the vena cava and aorta.

2) When your penis jiggles and wobbles uncontrollably when it is erect.
"Doctor, can you feel a pulse?"
"No, he's dead."

Dude she fucked me so hard, I lost my pulse
by TittayMastar June 4, 2003
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A particular method of thrusting used only by advanced sex fiends or clueless morons. Commonly utilized when yo bitch is in teh Deep Thrust position.

The Penis is inserted into the vagine, and the body is moved forward until the penis enter the vagina at a 90 degree angle. A lot of the pleasure in this posisition is derived, I believe, from the fact that the vagina isn't in a perfectly upwards (90 degree angle) which leads to some awesome griding acckkkshunn :DDDDDD~~~~
by TittayMastar May 26, 2003
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