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Another phrase which is a synonym for awesome, wicked, the shit, masterful, great, awe-inspiring and all that complementing crap.
by TittayMastar July 13, 2003
Pronounced:- Oun-duh

Alternate Verbs: 0wnage, 0wnz0r

Used to express unfettered power over another player in an online game. Used by both skilled and unskilled players, this word makes no judgments, and is meant as a decree of power within the game.
In Team Fortress Classic
Man, this fag0t33r kept wank-hacking in TFC man, and I blasted the shit out of him with my sniper rifle nevertheless, talk about 0wned.

In Team Fortress Classic
I 0wnz0red that lam3 cheatar with my sniper rahfle.

In Tribes 2
I bestowed destructive 0wnage upon the enemy team by baseraping them.

-Note- How 0wnage is used to replace the overused, colloquial term, "carnage" in this sentence.
by TittayMastar April 14, 2003
The reason why you don't want to fuck a steamroller...
It is a dick wider than it is long.
"Man, this bee-atch's puss was so tight man, I was afraid if I strained myself too much, i'd fuck my dick into a choad!!!"
by TittayMastar May 26, 2003

A Picker, Licker, Roller, Flicker.
(With regards to boogers)
*Mmm, tastay!*

"Get teh fuck away from me your plrf!"
by TittayMastar April 18, 2003
The tongue twister outlines a way to shape your tongue during cunnilingus. You are supposed to roll the sides of your tongue up and with the hole that is formed between them, you caress the clitoris. This is done after you've excited your woman to the point where the clit peeks out from under the hood. This control for the tongue effectively surrounds a womans clitoris, which, i've been told by many women feels awesome. Hahaaha :D
"Aaahh, ahhh, baby, gimme the tongue twista!!!"

I was obliged to tongue twist that whore.
by TittayMastar May 31, 2003
Vernacular used by gigolos. The next port of call refers to their next customer.
Once I finish up my next port of call, I will have enough money to get medicine for these genital warts!
by TittayMastar June 13, 2003
This is reserved strictly for females.

Used to express wonderment, amazement, desire and a thank-you to God when made in referrence to a woman. There is no perfect scale, set of rules or guidelines for a killer body. This term's credibility depends upon the credibility of the man using it.
"Oh fuck, she's got a killer body, FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP!!!"
by TittayMastar June 5, 2003