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A group of usually young men who obsess over, and pester different girls online (sometimes in person) acting like they are hot shit (but will also put down themselves just for your sympathy) and will block you on social media if they don't get what they want. It is so contradicting it is hilarious.

Also see fake.
Everyone in the Fuckboy Squad asked me out at least once and then when I said no they blocked me so whatever.
by Tingle Likes Rupees February 17, 2017
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when you take a ballpoint pen and a sewing needle and repeatedly stab yourself with it to draw shitty pictures bc you're under 18 or a crustie.
I'm covered in homemade stickies from my train kid phase.
by Tingle Likes Rupees November 21, 2019
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An airtight container for keeping tobacco or cigars moist.
My grandpa puts his tobacco in a humidor.
by Tingle Likes Rupees September 23, 2013
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A new place of residence, as in an apartment.
We are checking out Kevin's new digs tonight.
by Tingle Likes Rupees October 5, 2016
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An independant full-grown adult man who probably can legally drive a vehicle and can hold a job who, instead of being a decent person who has a life, goes after girls from/in dysfunctional households or who are mentally ill just to prey on their vulnerability to make them fall in love so they'll let him have sex from idealizing him instead of masturbating like a normal person.
That guy is a loser he started dressing scene just to attract emo girls with autism and manic depression so he can use them for sex.
by Tingle Likes Rupees February 12, 2020
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