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A model that does not conform to mainstream ideals of beauty.

Usually has tattoos, piercings, or fashion-colored hair but not always.

Many styles such as goth, punk and emo fall into alt modeling.
Ulorin Vex is an alternative model.
by Tingle Likes Rupees February 14, 2017
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When someone spills the hard truth in your face and it is usually something you don't want to hear.
Shequila: Janice, Your husband cheated on you by sleeping with Shayquanda, spilling some truth tea on yo ass.
Janice: That filthy ass lying nigga did what?????
by Tingle Likes Rupees May 5, 2016
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a hipster fuccboi. the same kind of person as a fuccboi/player except he has a tumblr.

usually looks like a girl with a mans body but identifies as male. wears flannels. interested in art but not very good at it (also see girl version art hoe). likes coffee too much. wears beanies and drinks craft bear. probably bisexual. was Probably emo in 11th grade.
that softboy played his guitar for me and confessed his love to me and then abandoned me lol.
by Tingle Likes Rupees November 21, 2019
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a fuccboi that pretends to be artistic and he's not.
That guy is a softboy and dresses like a hipster but can't even draw.
by Tingle Likes Rupees October 25, 2019
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When someone who has difficulty speaking for themselves, has a mental illness/disability or is under the influence of alcohol or drugs gets pushed to have sex or get their money manipulated out of them from a predator. It could also mean when a person is in turmoil and a predator targets their need for companionship to abuse, steal from or rape them.
Jamy is autistic and a guy manipulated her to have sex even if she didnt want to and was taking advantage of vulnerability.
by Tingle Likes Rupees March 1, 2020
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when you take a ballpoint pen and a sewing needle and repeatedly stab yourself with it to draw shitty pictures bc you're under 18 or a crustie.
I'm covered in homemade stickies from my train kid phase.
by Tingle Likes Rupees November 21, 2019
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