synonymous with lol, and kek.
Origin The World of Warcraft.
he just got shooned! Bur!
by RN March 30, 2005
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1."Bur" literally translates to "lol" on World of Warcraft. When someone from the Alliance side types "lol" in /say or /yell, members of the Horde side see "bur" instead.

2. Reverse of kek.
Horde 1: OMG, that human is overpowered.
Human: Bur
Horde 2: He's laughing at you! Kill him!
by Melorian June 22, 2010
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Half of a beer
GUY 1: How many burs did you drink?

GUY 2: Like 10 or 12
by benstillerfaggot68 August 23, 2010
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commonly used when a person doesn't know weather to use bro or breh it is a combination of the two
wat up bur
by ninjagideo69 March 11, 2010
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Urdu slang for vagina used streets of Uttar Pradesh In India and all of Pakistan,
ajib dastoor hai ghalib unka, pehantey hai muh par or kehatey hai burka
by srizwan April 27, 2007
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16 saal ki bur chudwannedne mein jo maza aaya tha batana possible nahin
by sandhya October 14, 2004
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