Friendly. A best-friend like person who loves to encourage her friends to be proud of who they are. Faithful and God Fearing person. An extraordinary type of lover who is willing to sacrifice everything for her beloved and is a faithful, thoughtful and expressive lover.

A little bit vain and conceited but a humorous one. Is sensitive but knows how to manage her emotions.
I want to have a best friend like Jamy!!
by Hienna8888 September 26, 2011
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Jamy - When a Jack and a Amy LOVE each other!
Liam says: "Look! There's the couple! Jamy!
by St1ngR4y March 9, 2019
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A jamy is a beautiful woman her best friend is a girl named jordan she is very loveing and careing she would do anything for anyone her beauty could blind someone her eyes will make u fall deep in love and Dont forget how beautiful her hair is curly or strait she is the most beautiful thing you would ever see.
Man: jamy looks pretty

Other man: no, she looks beautiful
by The bold and beautiful June 18, 2017
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Blond college-grad girls from Seattle. Generally thinks they are "Down with it" but they haven't got a clue.

Also retarded when it comes to anything electrical
he give me the computer, stop being Jamy!
by CrazyTimeChris August 16, 2008
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Jamie: She just wants others to be happy. She does not share her feelings as much as she should. She seems all bubbly on the outside, which she is, but she has layers of deep thoughts with in. She questions the world and looks for understandings. She smiles with her eyes. Jamie is caring, pretty, smart, kind, funny, loyal, and honest. She is not shy when it comes to talking on a phone whether on a call, facetime, or social media but in person she gets a little nervous. She has a hard time accepting complements because she believes they are not real. She is always putting herself down. Jamie has a very easy time falling for someone. This can be a bad thing. She gets played easily because she has courage to do things with boys for their pleasure, but then is left there with a feeling of emptiness, betrayal, and depression. Jamie forgives but will never ever forget. She does believe in second chances. Jamie has a fear of something due to a childhood experience. Jamie has major anxiety and a learning curve. She usually has brown hair and green, brown, or hazel eyes. Jamie is the one to stand up for anyone, even if she does not get along with them. Jamie for sure is not perfect. But trust me, I know Jamie. And I really regret letting her go and leaving. She is special. Jamie is like no other.
Eli: She means the world to me.

Dylan: Oh, dude. You for sure met Jamie. Damn, you are hella lucky.
by heyimhere February 19, 2019
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Jamie is strong and resilient yet never fails to meet a situation with compassion and understanding. She is your go to when you are looking for advice, a warm shoulder to cry on, a smile to laugh with and a fierce protector. Jamie is passionate about the causes she believes in but listens with an open mind even if she doesn’t agree. Although her life has its trials and tribulations, she is stronger because of it.
“She is so fucking strong
Oh so you spoke to Jamie”
by ambivertish August 13, 2018
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