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Rastafarian God
Praise Jah and all hees creations mon.
by Tim M June 25, 2003

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a females anal beard
"she had a nasty bushy marmahog"
by tim m May 04, 2003

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deodorant - makes you smell good
Man! Wheres my BO Basher, I stink!
by tim m June 29, 2003

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A pair of breasts/tits/boobies etc...
"I was a bit thirsty so she offered me one of her milky fun bags to suckle on!"
by tim m May 04, 2003

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1. A slang word used to describe an individual who thrives on creating or intensifying drama within a group.

-Can also be used as a verb -> goik, goiking, goiked

2. Can also mean "jacked up". (goik)
1. After not being invited to the theatre Saturday evening, Cathy was acting as a goiker by double-crossing her friends who did not invite her, spreading gossip and lies.

Cathy was goiking for the rest of the week.

2. Matilda was goiked last night at the club.


Felicia was upset at the restaurant when they were out of french vanilla cappuccino. She explained, "Stupid b*tch, I want my cappuccino. This is f*ing goik!"
by Tim M December 14, 2005

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A fucking ugly girl.
"What a fucking moose!"
by tim m May 04, 2003

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