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The state of being both in arusal and amused. Sexually arused by something that is also amusing.
Yaoi midgit porn makes old man penis feel amusal.
by Tia January 5, 2004
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Full name 'Druex Pierre Fredricks,Born november 26.He is the rapper for the group B2K.
Description :- Talented Rapper and a good looking caramel colour.
'Lil'fizz is the best boy in the world'
Could be used as an example
by Tia September 30, 2003
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man (yes, it's amazing that God was a man) who made us, right, and somehow (don't ask me how) made us individuals who can choose what we do, even though He knew it would cost Him - and then figured that since we'd blown it by not listening to Him, and since He knows how empty we are and couldn't imagine eternity without us, died the most painful death so we could be innocent like Him, instead of living lives that suck and ending up in hell (worse than hell on earth). This guy now helps us out if we let Him, and He's the answer to ALL the problems on the earth - you'd think we could give Him a little credit! (ie. admit He's real - but the last big bang my microwave had didn't create a mini universe, so I can deal with that - and let Him give us the answer, start living for something ...)
Jesus is ultra-awesome, and He gives life a purpose!!! And believe it or not, He deserves to have us follow Him (have any of your friends created you & died for you lately, when you hated them, and come back to life ...?).
by Tia April 4, 2005
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i haven't revised, i'm fubar'd for these exams
by Tia January 15, 2005
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The color of vintage velvets and Victorian rose gardens.
by Tia November 29, 2003
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When one encounters Farkan on a blind date or similar situation in which a male is assumed to be attractive, but he turns out to be a flop.
Tia went out tonight, she came home and said she got totally farkanated.
by Tia April 2, 2004
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