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A fucking awsome band.
Atreyu fucking rocks. Rock the fuck on.(
by Tia April 18, 2005

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hotty sexy lady that all guys want
i love my tia ......... she's so tia
by tia December 11, 2004

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It's when your stomach stick out more tha your booty-do
Brianna you got booty-do!
by Tia October 19, 2003

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Full name 'Druex Pierre Fredricks,Born november 26.He is the rapper for the group B2K.
Description :- Talented Rapper and a good looking caramel colour.
'Lil'fizz is the best boy in the world'
Could be used as an example
by Tia September 30, 2003

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You get guys juct to get their dicks, once you get their dicks you get rid of them, leaveing you a one night whore and a dickwhore as we call it.
Alicia is a dickwhore, she only went out with Nick to get his dick then to get rid of him, now she is hated by all and is a dickwhore.
by Tia March 18, 2004

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When one encounters Farkan on a blind date or similar situation in which a male is assumed to be attractive, but he turns out to be a flop.
Tia went out tonight, she came home and said she got totally farkanated.
by Tia April 02, 2004

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THE CUTEST LITTLE ASIAN GURL IV EVER MET!!!! likes to pee in bathtubs.
ps..she is a loser!
by Tia January 13, 2004

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