21 definitions by Thor

To get really fucked up off of something you smoked with a crack pipe.
by Thor April 28, 2004
Shanti is one Black and Decker Pecker Wrecker, I oughta drop a Cleveland Steamer on her.
by Thor November 4, 2004
Mozshin, discovered in 2004 by two Starbooglesoft employees, is a word with multiple definitions and of Russian (emo) origins.

1 - A disease which is highly lethal and easily spread. Get tested and inform all your past partners if you have it.
2 - A spiced food (an aquired taste).
3 - A Russian club drug that will make you see daisies in traffic cones, if you know what I mean. Use with caution, or not at all, unless you're ready for some craaaazy times.
"Dude, that guy frenched a horse when he was on mozshin, and he got a really bad incurable case of mozshin, and now he's lamenting the fact that he has less than a year to live and only one more Christmas to have a traditional Mozshin dinner."
by Thor December 26, 2005
tested the "gravity boots" from ratchet and clank going commando

died in the process. body found in cockpit of passing 747

R.I.P. lu
lu here is going to walk up this wall
by Thor December 9, 2003
A common mispronunciation of the word "black". Often used by white people from South Africa to discribe their fellow country-men
"by god! 'es Blek!"

"So Many Blek Peeple in Seeth Efrika!"
by Thor August 24, 2004
Definition: A tight piece of clothing for the lower body (usually a speedo) that clearly displays the male genetalia.

Derivation: From the stealing of vintage grapes in the vinyards of France. Theives would steal grapes in their pockets.
That dirty shitehawk with the Skank ho bitch whore is wearing grape-smugglers.
by Thor October 15, 2004
The epitomy of coolness. Aptly described by his PGN post count "|337!!!11". Better than Valdaspam, <3 Midge any day.
I wish I were Thomear!
by Thor December 12, 2004