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Orch Dork - a talented person who works their butt off playing an instrument violin, viola, cello, bass, harp, piano for the betterment of their life...aka Orchestra! Note: Mess with an Orch Dork = committing suicide. We all come after you and bash our instruments yes, even the bass on your head until you can accept the fact that we rock harder than the Band and Choir combined. That's right. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.]
Orch Dorks rock the Fine Arts building! ;)
by Theresa October 12, 2004

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A badass (pronounced buh-das) Jack Black movie.
Nacho Libre: Nachooooooooooooooooooooooo!
by theresa June 14, 2006

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a cigarette
She smokes mad bogees.
by Theresa November 23, 2003

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to give energy, to stimulate, to exhilerate.
Yesterday Mason was invigorated by Tara's enthusiasm to play.
by theresa August 16, 2004

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An extremely hot person, male or female
a female or male hotter than a 7
by Theresa January 13, 2005

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something that brings the boy's the the yard...
Look at them milk shakes!!
by Theresa January 05, 2005

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3 a : to entice or lure especially into evil b : to proposition (someone) especially as or in the character of a prostitute
4 : to try to obtain by usually urgent requests or pleas
many kids are solicited on the internet
by theresa October 12, 2004

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