An inflammatory disease of the colon. Symptoms are usually painful and involve swelling of the colon and rectal bleeding.

Also is a word that is often mistakenly heard in a line from The Beatles' classic hit "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds."
When I heard "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds," I wasn't sure if they were saying "The girl with kaleidoscope eyes" or "The girl with colitis goes by."
by K-Star May 13, 2007
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An inflammation of the colon caused by rough unprotected anal sex.
My boss is out of work with a bad case of colitis he caught on a trip to Provincetown
by Farva911 July 12, 2018
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A bloody shit disease....quite literally. People who suffer from this non-infectious disease usually end up spending lots of time wrapped around the loo with bloody diarrhoea during flare ups. Caused by person's immune system attacking large intestines lining causing inflammation and ulcers, loss of appetite and generally feeling like utter crap. Medication can usually help to control it though some have awful side effects such as moon face
Stuart: "hey why did that hot chick run off to the loo so quickly?"
Bob: "Ahhh she's got the ulcerative colitis shits, she's going to be a while..."
by whatsername1990 July 16, 2011
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Where everything you touch turns to shit
Man you had to see Joe,he had the colitis touch today and to top it off it's Monday
by Dr.Jeffery June 17, 2014
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An inflammatory bowel disease where ulcers form in your colon, causing bleeding, spasms, pain and misery. A bad flare-up with ulcerative colitis can reach about an 8/10 on the painfulness scale. This is a chronic lifelong condition, usually hereditary, with no known cure. Thankfully it is relatively manageable.
The only good thing about having ulcerative colitis is the potential spiritual reward we will maybe receive for contributing lots of hemoglobin to the population of the oceans and seas.
by mistahroga November 3, 2018
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A drink or mixture of substances used to induce ulcerative colitis in an enemy, or friend that keeps doing you dirty..
Friend 1: yo wtf is that smell?

Friend 2: that’s this colitis cocktail I’m cookin’ up

Friend 1: oh shit, who you gonna slip that to?

Friend 2: that jheri curl havin’ mf down the block
by AhJiggaWhat June 6, 2022
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