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A metaphor that literally means a person slept peacefully throughout the night.

Most people today do not know how to take care of babies, as a result their child wakes up every 2 hours, pissing and crying and have incorrectly interpreted the meaning of the expression to mean: "Slept like the hell spawn of Satan".

I say hell-spawn of Satan because only Satan could treat a child as badly as these people treat their own children. But fear not children of God, for the age of darkness will only last a short 1000 years.
Slept Like A Baby
by TheAutisticHumanBeing February 19, 2019
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When you make smores,
on a house fire.
"Hey, I want to go honfiring."

"What is it?"

"When you make smores,
on a house fire."


"So you just wait for a house fire to happen on the fire ready app.
Then you drive on over to the house,
and there's a big ass fire ready for marshmallow cooking,
and then you get the delicious taste of dreams going up in smoke on your marshmallows."


"So, you wanna go honfiring with me?"

by TheAutisticHumanBeing December 26, 2018
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A faggot male with a female anime character as their avatar, that overpopulates game servers and internet forums.

Qualities of a Weeaboo:
Lacks basic knowledge and survival skills because they have replaced that part of their brain with memorizing Japanese phrases from their favorite anime.
Smells very fucking bad because of lack of hygiene.
Overweight because they are disgusting animals who cannot control their eating habits.
Buys worthless objects to fuel their own worthlessness.
When they play games, they do not play the game for the purpose of playing the game, but rather as a social experience.
Attempts to attain moderator privilege in forums, streaming chats, and game servers for the purpose of banning people they do not like socially. They are known for destroying small communities, and need to be killed off in order for a community to thrive.
Has one of these sexual deviations: homosexual, furry, bdsm.

If you have 5 or 6 of these qualities you are a Weeaboo.

If you have 4 or 3 of these qualities you are a Liberal.
If you have 2 or 1 of these qualities you are still a piece of shit.
by TheAutisticHumanBeing January 25, 2019
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Something everybody has, but refuses to acknowledge.
Drug Addict 1: Yo duuuude did you know we have no freedom?!
Drug Addict 2: No waaaay duuuude heeeey man pass the weed that is totally not illegal in order to prevent us from becoming retarded bludging parasites to society.
by TheAutisticHumanBeing May 2, 2018
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An animal that lacks the ability to construct social relationships because of it's toxic attitude. And because of this, the animal will eat any type of dog shit food until it develops excess body fat and becomes unable to move. You will commonly see a stupid fucking bitch yelling over stupid fucking shit it does not understand.

A stupid bitch commonly tries to control your life but lacks complete control over it's own life because there is no such thing as control. Only stupid people believe in control. Stupid fucking bitches try to control other people's lives.
The stupid fucking bitch is the final evolution of the stupid bitch. A stupid bitch has some merit to society which is what allows it to attract a mate, whereas a Stupid Fucking Bitch does not hold any merit whatsoever and is incapable of reproducing.
by TheAutisticHumanBeing February 19, 2019
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