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the act of fisting one's self to the point of expiration.
No one has committed assfisted suicide yet.
by The Real Boyardee February 22, 2010

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to masturbate
Tango: There was a brutal rape scene with Monica Bellucci in Irreversible.
Cash: Did you use it?
by The Real Boyardee February 05, 2011

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(meil'-mæn) n., pl. -men, 1. a man so manly that he must be referred to in multiple word form. 2. a supreme being.
If you can defeat Chuck Norris, you will become a male-man.
by The Real Boyardee October 11, 2009

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To accidentally defecate in your pants an amount larger than can be considered a shart.
After eating sloppy joes and drinking a 12-pack of Natural Ice, I had an accidump a few hours later.
by The Real Boyardee February 17, 2015

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Someone intoxicated that rarely drinks and makes a fool of themselves
Jeff: Cassie got wasted for the first time last night, and took a piss in the trash can in the kitchen.
Carl: Oh man, White Belt Wasted for sure...
by The Real Boyardee December 22, 2018

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A sly way to deem something worthy of masturbation.
That Sparkle Motion dance skit from Donnie Darko was really useful.
by The Real Boyardee January 12, 2011

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(sɑːs) n., 1. severely arching rectal squirt. 2. to violently project excrement with a sharp angle of approach to produce an arching effect.
Tubgirl is a SARS artist.
by The Real Boyardee November 03, 2009

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