Controversial French flick released in 2002, directed by Gaspar Noe. Won the "Bronze Horse" award at the Stockholm Film Festival and was nominated for the Palme d'Or at Cannes. Also one of the most difficult movies to watch, due to a 9-minute rape scene and a guy getting his face caved in with a fire-extinguisher to some really creepy-ass music.

More than 200 people walked out of Irreversible at Cannes, mostly due to its lengthy rape scene.
by Brian Chidueme October 3, 2007
Something of which, once it has occured, cannot be changed nor undone.
Person 1: I just burnt my old diary!
Person 2: Are you sure you did the right thing? It's irreversible, you know...
by Dina June 14, 2006
losing your virginity...cause you can cry but you wont hide!!!
that just counts for girlies...
for dudes, the fact that you are/will be a father, but in this case you can run and hide...

-hey, where Marcos Jr. marcos? how s he doign in the kindergarten...?
-last time i saw him his mother was a virgin!!!
-mmm...what a shame...aint that irreversible
by czMarcos February 1, 2008
A consequence that cannot be reversed.
Some consequences are evitable, such as preventing or reducing the extent of an injury by wearing a seat-belt, or preventing a pregnancy by using a condom.

However, other consequences are inevitable, such as being disliked after saying something offensive.

And an irreversible consequence is one no one can go back in time and prevent from taking place because the action which produced it was executed.

The only way to prevent any type of consequence is by not executing an action (known to produce certain types of consequences).

Nonetheless, not doing anything might also generate some type of foreseeable or unforeseeable consequence.
by but for December 24, 2017