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a person that is a man of the world, he or she has been all over the world, generally a cool person
Person 1: Why weren't you at the crazy high school party last night?
Person 2:I was at like 20 parties in 18 countries. I'm international. Didn't you know that.
Person 1: I remember that now.

Student: Teach(er)! I'm gonna be out of town for the weekend what the heck is the world.
Teacher: Wait aren't you that kid whose completely international that we talk about at department meetings.
Student: Yes and I have a lot of real estate holdings.
Teacher: Can you hook me up with a timeshare in Aruba
Student: Fo show. I got that fo show.
Teacher:How much is it gonna cost?
Student: $200,000?
Teacher: I can easily afford that.
Student: Whats the work?
Teacher: Don't you know that completely international people are exempt from homework, income tax, and Sexual Transmitted Infections??????
by The Most Interesting Man March 12, 2008

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Acronym for offshore bank of my choice

You don't her it often but when someone says it you'll now know what it means.
Person 1: Yeah sorry I accidentally killed your kids.
Person 2(Parent of the children): Sweet now I have an opportunity to make some easy money. I want about $35 million in damages and additional $5 million for the people that your weed killer knocked off.
Person 1: Ok when do you want it.
Person 2: I want it wired now to an obomc ! RIGHT NOW!
Person 1: What bank is it going to?
Person 2: Well a few mill you can throw at UBS another few mill you can through at Credit Suisse, I want some of it going to HSBC Offshore, and another few going to a bank in Nassau and the rest to the Isle of Man.
by The Most Interesting Man May 04, 2008

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laughing my ass off

Generally used on instant messaging services such as AIM or Google Talk.

Contrary to popular believe lmao is pronounced luh-mao(like the Asian dictator dude)

Some say its pronounced luh-mayo but that's just a bunch of bullshit
I lmaoed all night long all night all night.

by The Most Interesting Man May 04, 2008

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