Google's Messenger Program. A fresh change from the bloated MSN Messenger, if you just want to talk.
Another step in Google's quest for World Domination completed.
by Bas August 24, 2005
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Chat client written by Google. Supports VoIP. Available by searching for 'google talk' on google
Dude, Check this out, Google Talk!. Definatly one way to stick it up MSN's ass!
by Gish September 7, 2005
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Only more proof that Google is the best thing to ever happen to the internet. Now all they need to do is control it.
The world was so flooded with assholes on AIM, Y!M, and MSN that God sent fourth Google Talk.
by Michael A.S. August 30, 2005
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A new instant messenger made by google. There isnt really much to it. Google is going for a clean almost feature-less interface. That said, its still better than aim.
Noob1: DOOD, lyk there r lyk no defining features that make google talk significant yet.
Noob2: SDFU! Everyone wanted it, now we have it.
Noob1: BLEH
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