Friends with benefits, like sending nudes to each other, down to fuck with out relationship commitment
Down to be FWB
by BigFacts💯 October 2, 2018
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Someone you share a genuine friendship with that you also happen to be able to engage in sexual relations with, without having any commitment or ties to one another.
We are just FWB, we're able to explore sexual relations without the extra feelings, emotions and commitments while still being just the homies.
by Slymkinginn July 28, 2019
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see 'friends with benefits'

casual relationship implying no committment, but involving companionship (the friends bit) and some sort of physical element like making out, sex, baseball (the benefits). although rumored to be a myth, absolutely possible.
i don't have a boyfriend, but i do get to make out with my FWB.
by lette November 5, 2003
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A relationship between two people who are friends through and through. That OCCASIONALLY have physical encounters
FWB s are people who are there for each other as friends more than anything!!
They occasionally have physical relations
by NetflixJunkie1 August 16, 2019
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"Friends With Benefits"
When two people aren't officially going out but have sex anyway. Compare with fuck buddy.
My roommate's not with her anymore. They're FWB now.
by The Grammar Nazi February 17, 2002
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*Friend with benefits*
Fwb is a person who you aren’t in a realtionship with but is a frend who you have casual sex with
•We aren’t daiting we are just FWB•
by idkwhatuwant February 17, 2019
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