Gratuitous means to be given something, or to receive something, without payment or obligation.

It can also mean an action carried out or executed without cause, or an unjustified action.

It is also used in Law, where something is made or given, without receiving any value in return, as in a 'gratuitous agreement'.
He said that he would make the table completely free of charge, and we shook hands on the deal. We made a gratuitous agreement.

There is never any call for such gratuitous violence.
by GWB235 January 20, 2015
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Discrimination or prejudice based on the empirical probability of a waiter, server, or pizza guy being stiffed (not tipped) by someone from a specific group of people.
Billy Bob:"Aww man, I just got a ANOTHER table of Canadians!"
Joan:"Thats boarderline gratuitism, Bob!"
Billy Bob:"Do you work for tips?"
Billy Bob:"Then STFU."
by Lajksdgbiu April 8, 2009
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An action or courtesy which one feels they are obligated to give to another but privately their heart isn't in it... A false act of kindness... A socially accepted act of ostentatious phoniness.
Jane is grossly overweight. I am a petite size and very chic. She is a friend of mine but because of her size I think myself better than her. But I do NOT treat her as less than me even though I think she is. My treatment of her as an equal is strictly 'gratuitive'.
by Wizard-of-Aaahhs November 20, 2013
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Gratuitous violence is violence for the sake of being violent. Usually assocciated with low budget movies and cult videogames. Given without need, often unrealistic.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004
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A disease capable only of infecting Hollywood movie producers. Symptoms include uncontrollable greed and a complete lack of creativity. Once the illness has taken hold, the producer will eventually unload a steaming pile of crap which he will then box up and label with the name of a successful movie plus the number "2" after it. The load of crap will be then be sold to the idiot audience, who gladly forks over money to take a peek at what's in the box, based solely on the name on the label.

In extreme cases, gratuitous sequelitis has been known to create many such boxes of turds, with sequential sequel numbers reaching into the double digits.
Did you see Highlander 2? That was the most amazingly horrible movie ever made. What a case of gratuitous sequelitis!
by Hollywood Sucks October 23, 2006
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Profanity for the sake of profanity, in a forced attempt to make a movie, videogame or song sound cooler. It is uneeded.
Eminem does not execute gratuitous profanity, but it does seem as though he was trying too hard to sound cool on his first two albums. Now he's established a reputation, he's making really shitty music without as much swearing, so he can show that without all the badmouthing, he really does sux0r my bizalls.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004
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Fighting over how much to tip the waiter/waitress. Also fighting between servers over the tip itself.
"Lunch went well, except for the decision on how much to tip, which erupted into gratuitous violence."
by onasphere August 16, 2009
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