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When a person continues or even increases suction while performing felacio after orgasim and the joy become pain after being sucked dry.
Did you hear about George? He got hoovered last night and it was so painful he called in sick.
by The Doctor of NY January 21, 2021
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Colostomy-To-Mouth. The sexual act of inserting a penis into a partner’s colostomy and then inserting the penis into the mouth of the partner. Similar to ATM, however with the ease and pleasure of a colostomy (i.e feeling peristalsis)
I can not wait to have CTM with her, so tight!
by The Doctor of NY November 26, 2020
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When somebody’s foot and toes are afflicted with arthritis and vascular disease in which the person has lost at least 1 (generally 2 or more) toes and the toes become contracted into a claw of a eagle. In addition the toes nails are long and golden from neglect forming sharp and potentially deadly talons.
Maria, when prepping the golden eagle for surgery make sure to clean well between the talons.
by The Doctor of NY May 28, 2021
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When having sex with a person with a colostomy or ileostomy bag. Additionally the three “natural” holes must be filled. These include oral, anal, and vaginal. So hitting “the four points” would be oral, anal, vaginal and ostomy (either colostomy or ileostomy).
Dude last night. I was with a girl and hit the four points!
by The Doctor of NY November 5, 2020
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