The time period forever remembered as being dominated by rap/r&b and emo music, baggy clothing and tight jeans respectively.
Also the time of myspace and internet mainly blowing up.
In 10 years, be ready to see some VH1 "Remember the 00's" episodes
the 70's had the hippies
the 80's had the rock
the 90's uhhhh, angst?

and the 00's, you guess
by BO, OK May 25, 2006
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1. Currently used to denote the decade ranging from 2000-2009. Aka the noughties.

2. What people ignorantly use to call anything present day.
1. Myspace gained popularity in the mid-late 00's.
2. Person 1: "The 90's had the Macarena and Gameboys, and the 00's have Gangnam Style and iPads"
Person 2: "Gangnam Style and iPads didn't come out until the 2010's, silly."
by udusers1 December 12, 2017
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Two zeroes that represent a pair of tits or an ass, both which are the most prominent features that men of taste see in fit and attractive women.
"Hey did you get this month's new issue of Playboy magazine? The new candidates for this year's Playmate of the Year are pretty damn smokin.'"
"Hell yeah man! Those ladies do really put the 00's in 2005!"
"Word on the street."

Mark H. Since February 2004.
by Mark H January 5, 2005
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Name for the first decade of the 2000's. Can also be referred to as the 0's
Now that the 00's are over we are going start seeing a lot of top 10 lists for the decade
by Libraryguy February 22, 2010
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First decade of the current century: the years from 2000 to 2009. Pronounced "the naughts".
The 00's were an amazing decade in U.S. politics seeing both the controversial election of George Bush and the nomination battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
by A. Gene Davis March 1, 2008
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The first half of this decade was great, and the other half sucked.
Hey man, do you remember the 00's? No, I mean the early 00's.
by Grungeisded1 May 14, 2010
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00’s Kids/2000’s Kids Are Kids Who Are Born Between 1995-2005. Those Born In 2006 Might Be Eligible, However That Is Pushing It Just A Little.

00’s Kids Would Have Grown Up With OG Pixar Films, Xbox 360, PS2/PS3, MSN, Club Penguin, Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon Etc. They Had Tech But Still Played Outside Too.

1995-1999 - Early 00’s Kids.
1999-2003 - Mid 00’s Kids.
2003-2005 - Late 00’s Kids.

2006-2009 - 00’s Babies.
Daniel Was Born In 1996, He Was An Early 00’s Kid. He Remembers Watching Spongebob In It’s Early Days. When He Got Older He Got His First Cell, That Being A Blackberry.

Owen Was Born In 2001, He Was A Mid 00’s Kid. Owen Was A Huge Fan Of Drake & Josh And Was An Absolute Unit When He Came Into Class One Day Having Mastered The Lyrics To Soulja Boy Tell Em’ - Crank That.

Sam Was Born In 2005, He Was A Late 00’s Kid. He Can Remember His Pre-School/Kindergarten Days In 2008/2009 And Grew Up With Late 2000’s Shows That Bridged Over Into The 2010’s, For Example iCarly & Sonny With A Chance. Sam Didn’t Use Any Cell Phones Until The Mid-Late 2010’s.
by IIGODXMEMOIRII May 31, 2020
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