MC Skibadee, Shy FX, Pendulum etc are all D&B musical artists
by Bryn Webb November 19, 2005
The man is gone ... D&B!
by GPhone December 6, 2010
Dun & Bradstreet. Known for their private business credit reports that lenders use to identify fronts and illegitimate businesses.
Yo, pull up a D&B on that pizza place that never has any customers before we lend them dough.
by RichBoySellItQuick July 11, 2008
A brand of designer purses that are known as Dooney & Bourke. D&B is an acronym for these bags. They have several collections, and in present day 2006 are quite popular in the states.
D&B has the cutest new fall bags!
by Lary September 8, 2006
short for drum and bass-a form of electronic music that stemmed in the early to mid 90's as an offshoot of the then popular and darker jungle genre. Simplified to become much more paletable for the masses, it peaked and died before 2001.
photek, doc scott, enduser are all D&B artists
by matticus finch February 6, 2006
Alex: You just met Trey and you're already letting him move in. Damn Max, is the D&B that good.
by Jermaine3 December 14, 2007