Stephenie Meyer's (of Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse fame) first published adult novel. It is a novel that compels the reader to question humanity as a whole as well as the emotions that set our species apart.

The word "Host" refers to the body of a human that serves the purpose of hosting a soul (or alien). When a soul is inserted within a host, it takes control of the body. However, there are some cases in which the human still remains resonant whether through memories or refusing to vacate the body entirely (so to speak).

The book itself is intense and haunting as follows the story of Wanderer, who comes to Earth after humankind has been taken over (excluding the few remaining "rebel" humans). Wanderer is the soul that occupies the body of Melanie Stryder. Melanie remains present within Wanderer much to her initial dismay and irritation.

As the story progresses, Melanie uses the power of her memories to help persuade Wanderer to find the man she loves and the brother she left behind, both of whom remain human. Complications arise as these memories fill Wanderer with the strange and powerful emotions that only a human can feel.

It is because these emotions that Wanderer begins to question whether the existence of a soul is worth the ultimate price that a host must unwillingly pay. Through her journey, Wanderer inadvertently forms unlikely bonds and discerns what it truly means to be human.

With a bittersweet ending and a subtle twist, 'The Host' (like some renegade hosts) will remain on your conscience and keep you in deep thought long after your final tear has dried and you've reluctantly closed the book.
The Host is an 'all consuming' book that refuses to be put down.
by Stephanie G. June 12, 2008
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Everything Else
by The Host May 11, 2005
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Wanda is yet another fail, being a pathetic little wimp that can't so much as punch a fly. Jared is awesome and protects her because his one true love lives inside her head or some shit.
Wanda: OMJ Jared, I love you even though I'm an alien! I also love some other guy identical to you, even though I'm just a space worm and this is another book based on love based on looks.

The Host is a sexylicious book, omg
by Sparklies Okaey May 26, 2011
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