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A Anastasiya is usually a brown-eyed girl, who is always worrying, and always in thought of what others thing of her. She is very beautiful in and out, she is a good listener and gives great advice and is usually taken for granted, and is used all the time. She is very energetic and is friendly, but if you do upset an Anastasiya you will most likely loose her trust and it would take a very long time to get it back. She seeks for love but can never find the right person. She is a great friend and is very huggable (since they are usually very short), her biggest weakness would be the people around her. If you know an “Anastasiya” become friends with her she will most likely be the best at keeping secrets and she will always be there for you even if it’s 3am and you and her are on bad terms she won’t care because she will always stick by your side, she will make a very truth worthy friend.
Omg! “Anastasiya” is such a good friend

Did you hear about what happened to “Anastasiya”?
by truthh265 January 01, 2018
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The Name For The Most Gorgeous Girl Alive. You Cannot Live Your Life To The Fullest Until You Meet and Become Friends With One. Warning: Your May Indeed Become Jealous Of Your Anastasiya.
person 1) Have You met Your Anastasiya Yet?
person 2) No. Have you?
person 1) Yeah
person2 ) DUDE ! YOURE SO EFFING LUCKY. I wish i could meet mine.
by igotajarofdirt.:D February 03, 2010
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The process of exhaling hookah smoke from both mouth and nose at the same time.
OMG have u seen it dude? he did an Anastasiya, that's so cool i wish i knew how to do it myself.
by randomyou June 13, 2011
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