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A: When a guy gets soapy water up his urethra after washing his genital area.

B: When an unlucky guy, uneducated in what and what not to use as lube, attempts to use soap to start whacking it

Soap Dick is commonly caused by the old fashioned bar soap (which should be avoided for washing your genital area AT ALL COSTS) but shampoo and body soap are also possible things that can cause Soap Dick. It causes a horribly painful burning sensation throughout the inside of the head of the penis. Soap Dick usually does not go away until you flush out the soapy water by urination, which is extremely painful, but luckily it doesn't last long.
Soap Dick for men is equivalent to a woman getting Sand-a-Vaganosis
by Th3rd June 28, 2015

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You will find these strange creatures usually clogging up your local Nike store, Listening to either Pit Bull or Eminem on full volume in the back of the class during a test (usually via wireless Beats), or trying to act cool by inviting your sister to parties. Fuckbois are above and beyond the common douchebag. They are usually from the ages of 12 to 25, and can be found wearing any and all things Nike. They often were hated or outcasted in their early years of school because they were weird or bossy, and now, they want all the attention they can get. They post shirtless selfies of themselves making a "cool" or pouty face with an average of 3-5 instagram filters and tags such as #thuglife or #Swag. They own every Call of Duty that comes out, even if they only play it for about 5 minutes before letting it gather dust next to their Xbox One, which they have also only used to play minecraft and titanfall. Fuckbois are also bitchy and controlling. You will often see fuckbois wearing napkins or duct tape wrapped around their new Air Jordans so they don't get dirty. They will also commonly try to look cool by smoking Vapor Pens or Cigarettes (which they will only puff), and showing an obsession with Weed, even if they've only smoked it once or twice at the most.

To sum up a fuckboi, they are a mix of a Bitch, a Jock and a Wigger.
For a very good example of a Fuckboi, please visit any social media page created by Justin Beiber.
by Th3rd June 14, 2015

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The new game that all the kids play on the school laptops when they are supposed to be taking notes or finishing a test. Like it's predecessors Minecraft and Powdergame, it is the new most popular game played as a pass time in public schools. The game just came out this year, and didn't gain much popularity until many famous youtubers such as PewDiePie took notice to it and recorded let's play's. Since then, it exploded and is currently one of the most active MMOs as of right now.
"Hey I finished my essay early, you wanna play a round of agar.io?"
by Th3rd June 23, 2015

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Senpai means Teacher or Mentor in Japanese. The word is most commonly used by annoying as fuck weeaboos, making many people cringe when said out loud]
Japanese School Student: "Good morning Senpai"

(Everyone within a hundred foot radius begins to speed walk in the opposite direction)
by Th3rd July 20, 2015

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A new, but rapidly rising toxic fandom that exists up at the top with furfags and cloppers. FNAFAGS are usually prepubescent middle schoolers who obsess over the indie horror game Five Nights at Freddy's made by Scott Cawthon, who basically overthrew Notch in his throne as the supreme squeaker god. FNAFAGS will blindly throw their money at every game in the franchise that is released, then proceed to get scared, not play any of the games they bought, and watch some youtuber play it instead. Many FNAFAGS are into FNAF Porn, making them borderline furverts or furfags. You can easily spot FNAFAGS infecting the youtube comment sections, often with poorly drawn fan art as their profile picture. They will proceed to name their accounts the names of the characters in the game (most commonly Foxy the Pirate) and blurt out annoying phrases like "ITS ME" or "INHALE MY DONG (a reference to a fan game known as Five Nights at Fuckboys)". FNAFAGS can always be found on any of Smike's videos, arguing either about some dumbass conspiracy theory about the game, or arguing with Smike's old fan base about how FNAF is superior to Skyrim.
If you really think about it, FNAF Porn is Furry Porn crossed with a robot fetish, necrophilia and pedophilia... What in the actual fuck?!

FNAFAGS are just furfags in denial
by Th3rd June 23, 2015

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A kid who is obsessed with Montage Parodies to the point of commenting about them constantly. No matter how serious the subject is supposed to be, they will always comment cringe worthy shit such as "lol 10/10 m9" or "420blazeitskrub". These people are one of the main reasons why so many Montage Parody youtubers are quitting, and they are ironically killing their own meme by acting stupider then the people they are supposed to be parodying.
MajorLeagueWobs: Hey guys, I just released my new music track. Hoping a record label sees this and considers a contract...

*MLG Fags flood comment section with "10/10 mlg swag m9" and "GET SHREKED M8"

Record Label: What the fuck...
by Th3rd August 30, 2015

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The peak of sexual pleasure. Orgasms can be amazing, however, if a guy has an orgasm without blowing the load(which is possible), then he will be stuck with a nasty case of blue balls until his body is ready for another one, which could take hours to days. Orgasms can also cause the feeling of tingling or numbness around the genital area, the stinging of the urethra if your load is massive, and complete loss of control of your body for 7 seconds. Women will experience a feeling of intense calm, sometimes followed by the stinging of the vagina.
Fun fact: During an orgasm, over 90% of your brain shuts down so you LITERALLY cannot control your body for about 4-7 seconds if you have a massive cum.
by Th3rd July 14, 2015

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