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A new, but rapidly rising toxic fandom that exists up at the top with furfags and cloppers. FNAFAGS are usually prepubescent middle schoolers who obsess over the indie horror game Five Nights at Freddy's made by Scott Cawthon, who basically overthrew Notch in his throne as the supreme squeaker god. FNAFAGS will blindly throw their money at every game in the franchise that is released, then proceed to get scared, not play any of the games they bought, and watch some youtuber play it instead. Many FNAFAGS are into FNAF Porn, making them borderline furverts or furfags. You can easily spot FNAFAGS infecting the youtube comment sections, often with poorly drawn fan art as their profile picture. They will proceed to name their accounts the names of the characters in the game (most commonly Foxy the Pirate) and blurt out annoying phrases like "ITS ME" or "INHALE MY DONG (a reference to a fan game known as Five Nights at Fuckboys)". FNAFAGS can always be found on any of Smike's videos, arguing either about some dumbass conspiracy theory about the game, or arguing with Smike's old fan base about how FNAF is superior to Skyrim.
If you really think about it, FNAF Porn is Furry Porn crossed with a robot fetish, necrophilia and pedophilia... What in the actual fuck?!

FNAFAGS are just furfags in denial
by Th3rd July 01, 2015
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A 12 year old child, who plays a game called "Five Nights at Freddie's" 24/7, and only talks about it. FNAFAGS are to be avoided as they drive people crazy.
James: Did you see the new Golden Freddy.
Steve: No, because I don't play this stupid game you speak of.
James: I have survived 5 nights.
Steve: You're such a FNAFAG!
by ultranova March 11, 2015
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