14 definitions by Tessa

to chew
He's really mastricating the hell out of his Wanus!
by Tessa October 7, 2003
It's a mix between a lion and a tiger.
Deb: What're you drawing?
Napoleon: A liger
Deb: Whats a liger?
Napoleon: Its pretty much my favorie animal. Its a mix between a lion and a tiger, bred for its skills in magic.
by Tessa February 22, 2005
When you eat a girl out and she is on her period, and its very messy.
He said he was hungry, so I offered him one of my sloppy joes.
by Tessa November 9, 2003
the sexiest guy around (besides alot of other celebs....) and who i own 172 pics of.....

he's 10 years, 7 months, and 2 days older than me...lol hehe
Justin is SOOOO damn sexy!! i love you JT!!!
by Tessa July 17, 2004
the tessa/declan way of saying big booty ho with my balls in her mouth
riding round town looking for a boody
by Tessa November 21, 2004
I'm so mad I could just shake my wanus at you!
by Tessa October 7, 2003
The act of one Lawree Kane jerkin' it for Paul Werkmeister.
Rick meisterbates every day.
by Tessa March 29, 2003