14 definitions by Tessa

The act of one Lawree Kane jerkin' it for Paul Werkmeister.
Rick meisterbates every day.
by Tessa March 28, 2003
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It's a mix between a lion and a tiger.
Deb: What're you drawing?
Napoleon: A liger
Deb: Whats a liger?
Napoleon: Its pretty much my favorie animal. Its a mix between a lion and a tiger, bred for its skills in magic.
by Tessa February 21, 2005
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1. attempting to fix a haircut that you don't like by cutting it yourself

2. when you are really bored of your hair, changing it by cutting it yourself and cutting random or crazy peices and bangs
1. Nice haircut, I really love your bangs. All those random peices are so cool.
Thanks. At first I had this totally boring haircut, but then I went home spent an hour chopping it, so now it's cool.

2. I like your bangs, but weren't they longer yesterday?
Yeah, I got bored so I chopped them.

by Tessa November 07, 2007
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when a girl jerks a guy off, feels like masturbating... with your left hand
the girl was giving a lazy ass handjob so i told her to just put it in her fucking mouth.
by Tessa June 20, 2005
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