11 definitions by Temprista

Main character of ST Math. For an unknown reason, he can't jump. His name is Mandarin, but his english name is Little Chicken.
I hate JiJis
by Temprista March 19, 2020
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The console people asked for but didn't get
Bill Gates: "We're releasing Xbox 2"
Guy behind Sony: "And we're releasing PS5"
Some other guy: "Where's PC2?"
Guy behind PCs: "Not here yet"
by Temprista April 23, 2020
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Some dude in Pennsylvania who streams Roblox and always is on the toilet and earns money per second. He is also the male equivalent of a Horse Girl.
People in the chat: "KREEKCRAFT IS ON THE TOILET!!!!!"
by Temprista May 08, 2020
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An Emoji Spammer owned by a normie on Reddit
Person: "man, I wish aGuyOnEarth3123 stopped spamming emojis!
by Temprista May 29, 2020
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Person: "Everything I'm typing is in All square brackets, even the comma and colon and period and quotations."
by Temprista May 29, 2020
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A decade of crazy stuff. COVID-19, Alien Invasion, Tsunamis, etc.
Person in 2030: "Yo, do you remember the 2020s?
Other guy: "That decade was so crazy, right?"
by Temprista April 22, 2020
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