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Something that happens to anime characters (particularly males), outside of hentai, when they are confronted with a sexually exciting situation.
Being confronted with a naked Ryoko and Ayaka, Tenchi couldn't help his nose bleed
by Tal April 17, 2005
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A sexual move involving 100 female orgasams in a row, followed by a smooth pelvis thrust, and ending in a very gentle kiss on the lips.
"He gave her Julia The Tal, and she could'nt walk for days."
by Tal February 20, 2005
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1. One who feeds on butt oks. The butt, a very specail part of the body, can smell differently at all times. a butt muncher may enjoy the rush of smell to his nose or maybe it just taste good. Also is being rumored to be a sport.

2. One who is a stupid butt hole or is an idiot. This is very commonly used. It is interchangable with butt hole.
1. Butt munching is my favorite sport.

2. You stupid butt muncher!
by tal April 27, 2004
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A lummocks is generally someone who is a lazy fat bastard...Like a couch potato, but worse.
Luke, get out of the way you fat lummocks.
by Tal April 12, 2005
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in your mother, is the short hebrew way to say "in the name of your mother" as emphasis to the claim made earlier
I really did not do it, in my mother!
by Tal April 04, 2005
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A place where socially inept gamers meet with other losers and talk about how their cock is at least 7 inches. Also makes excessive use of the words "WUL" and "teh".
Hey Vestibule?!?!?!?

by Tal November 24, 2004
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<b>Like beer, only you shake it as you dring</b>
by Tal September 13, 2003
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