"Ura" is the universal battle cry of every Russian. It's in their blood. Throughout Russian history, Russia had been invaded many times. Upon a Russian screaming "URA!", every Russian within earshot will immediately rush with that person to defend the Motherland.
Ivan: "URA!"
Literally every Russian within earshot: "URRAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!"
*Russians begin bullrushing*
by Weaponized Dank Ootism January 07, 2020
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A common Russian battle cry, analagous to the USMC's "oorah!"
"charge, tovarishes!"
by liquid death September 15, 2016
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Know how everybody is talking about have you met joe but its more like have you met ura. ura who you ask well ura Bot
by LIGMANUGEZ October 31, 2019
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I. Short for you are a.

II. When typing in a chat room or in a text instead of spelling out the whole words you are a, use (u-r-a)= ura
1. Hey, Edgar ura beast!

2. Guess what my costume is... - ura cagefighter?
by EdgarB December 28, 2010
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A section of a website containing "mature" material. Commonly found on fan based websites, and containing usually doujinshi scans, citrus fanfiction, and/or explicit or suggestive fan art. The link to such a section is usually hidden somewhere within the parent site.
All of the NC-17 rated fanfics are on the Ura page.
by Tal April 17, 2005
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Ura, is the Norse god for, Memes. Meme Novas are cool! Kirby super star. Hooray for Ura!

Ura, is the norse god for memes. Remember that children.
Ura: Thor is ugly as heck.
Thor: aww :(
Ura: Watch some ugly memes to make you feel worst ok.
by 1 Cool Guy March 03, 2019
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The King of all P.I.M.Ps
O shit heres comes the Uras, everyone make way

Shit dawg its a privelege to c the Uras, bow down to his greatness
by Mallow May 09, 2005
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