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Resting bitch face the look on a bitches face while she is perpetually in bitch mode.

Aka bf, also refer to as bf^2
Dude 1: Julie always looks angry.

Dude 2: She is just in resting bitch face mode. Can’t turn off her anger.

Dude 1: I guess she needs a good ass banging
by T_rump_supporter November 25, 2017
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To lose ones erection by viewing vile, disgusting pictures of grotesque naked women, or looking upon the large rear side of a bent over woman. A sure cure for making a hard on disappear in an awkward moment. Such pictures and other stimuli can be found useful and is first step in treating prolonged Viagra and other erectile medication side affects.
Patient: "Dr Phil, I woke up after a night out and hitting hard on the Viagra and now I can't get rid of my wood. Should I come into your office or to an emergency room? "

Dr Phil: "Before you come down to the office or emergency room. I want you to try something that we in the medical profession commonly refer to as a Rose Ann Barr Naked - Also known as Rosie O'Donnell naked. Otherwise known as a Cow Heather, or just a f#$&ing cow.

What you need to do is, try walking down East Carson and find a fat ass cow to ogle. If you don't want to leave your home then sit on your couch and turn on the television and watch The View. Watching that cow Rosie O'Donnell should alleve you of your erection. I know it always does for me. If that doesn't work, then we have other less invasive methods we can try. Such as going to the local frozen yogurt shop and viewing a few hogs, I mean cows there. Anyway, good luck."
by T_rump_supporter November 07, 2010
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A penial cyst remover is performed by using a blunt object. Such as a tongue ring or stud.
Dude 1: “Man I went to the doctor and he told me there was nothing he could do for my penial cyst. But after seeing old Tongue Ring Terry that thing must have broken up.

Her jaws are like strong as hell! She’s a penial cyst remover!“

Dude 2: “I know. That Terry gives one hell of a blow job”
by T_rump_supporter June 25, 2018
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A person who never grew up. Shows very disturbing anger and emotional baggage. Walls themselves up from co-workers and friends and is completely anti-social.
Dr. Phil: "Amy, you must get a hold of your inner turmoil. You need to not show your emotions as anger. You, Amy, need to learn to control yourself. Amy, you have Peter Pan syndrome. I don't know if you realize this, but you really have it, and are now resembling the character Peter Pan. You need to grow some tits."

Amy: "F-you, Dr. Phil! You bald headed butt-munch! I don't have any problems, and how dare you refer to me as Peter Pan!"

Dr. Phil: "Amy, you dress in green tights and have short bobbed hair, and no breasts, I guess tits was a little too harsh."
by T_rump_supporter April 19, 2013
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A verbal play on the C word. That is right the profane C.U.N.T.
Bitch: “your hair looks like crap! Why do you bother getting up each morning?!”

Nice girl: “yeah, have a nice day! see you next Tuesday!
by T_rump_supporter April 19, 2018
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A woman who accepts engagement proposals to gain jewelry, money, and other gifts. It doesn't matter how the man looks.
See that elderly elf looking guy with Suzanne? She just took an engagement ring. I didn't even hear her utter Yes. She opitomizes a serial engager. That is 3 guys this week she pulled this on.
by T_rump_supporter May 18, 2016
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A fellow with developed skills of not being persuaded by a stripper or coniving woman for trickery or bilking money.
He smoothly played his pimp assistant on that ho. She shut the f-up and walked away. No games there bro!
by T_rump_supporter May 18, 2016
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