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Active bitch face. The look on a bitches face while being ass reamed by a large cock.

See also, wheels spinning inside her head
Julie’s active bitch face look was she was thinking of so many get rich quick schemes while taking a good butt banging.
by T_rump_supporter November 25, 2017
A phrase used by JubaHo when referring to meeting a new mark who she perceives as having a lot of money and will be easy to use for money and gifts and abandon at her whim.
JubaHo: “Right after his friend ghosted me at a bar. I met an old fatman who retired yesterday. He has a business and two cars! I hit the jackpot!
by T_rump_supporter October 21, 2018
A scale rating female attractiveness. 1 is fugly and a 10 is so hot, that it would take
On a 1 to 10 female attractiveness scale, as a 1 being fugly and a 10 meaning how many Clydesdale horses it would take to pull me off her.
by T_rump_supporter September 4, 2016
Bitch Powers Activate

When an attention Whore keepin’ it REAL they are about to Spring into Active Bitch Face Mode asks someone around her to touch or in Attention Whore phrasing announces “Bitch Powers Activate (“Hit Me!”)!”
Used in active sentence definition:

Attention Ho: Someone touch me!

Chuck: What skank?
Attention Ho: Bitch Powers Activate (“Hit Me!”)

Chuck: I’ll knock you the F out if that is what you want?!
Attention Ho: You’re no fun.
Chuck: check yourself you little lady. Now go back to what you do best.
by T_rump_supporter April 14, 2018
A pajama party is an event in which a slut can finally claim to not be used like a plastic fuck doll.
“While his wife was away Larry and I had a pajama party last night. He ate Corn chips and beer farted all night while I watched beauty and the beast and sipped sparkling wine. I love pajama parties because they are more romantic than being used like a plastic fuck doll
by T_rump_supporter November 28, 2018
GOFURS is acronym for Go Fuck Yourself

In a one on one conversation one can tell another FURS.

This acronym is especially useful in texting. Telling someone to go fuck themselves.
John: “Hey Julie, GOFURS! “
Ron: “Why are you yelling gophers at that BF?”
John: “There are kids present. GOFURS is much better when people are around. Than saying Go F youself! But that BF doesn’t get it anyway. “
Ron: “Why don’t you say GOFURS BF?”
John: “I was going to say See you next Tuesday (c.u.n.t.) you rotten, stinky ho. But GOFURS has much more sting.”
by T_rump_supporter April 7, 2018
As in the movie Rambo. A person who lives day by Day is living the Life of Rambo.
Sgt Bailey: “How are you gonna make it on the outside John?”

John: “Day by Day.”

Sgt Bailey: “you can’t go on living the life of Rambo! You gotta get laid sometime!”
by T_rump_supporter June 26, 2018