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Acronym for Sex, Age, Location, and Pic. Commonly used as a question in internet chatrooms, since more and more people on the internet have pics making "ASL?" or "A/S/L?" outmoded.
A person enters chatroom, then another person asks...
by TJ March 12, 2005
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The 300 year old cyborg, that has no singing talent at all, and relies on the profits from 60 year old women that still like her. I hate her.
I cant wait for Cher's batteries to run out.
by tj January 28, 2005
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as in m10 surfcrew from long island! can also be used to describe cool shit
1 that last one was sick! completely m10
2 your moms tits are fully m10
3 dont blame us cause the m10 surfcrew dogged your girl
4 this weed is m10 bro
by tj April 20, 2005
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A journey to an illicit 24-hour off-license to purchase additional booze made at a time when legal piss-shops are closed and sensible people are tucked up in bed.
"Ah shit," John said, "it's 3am and we're out of whisky. Who's off to the World 'o' Booze?" "Not me," Tom replied, "I did the walk of shame last night."
by TJ November 20, 2003
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When nerd people that ride the bus and get milk dumped on them because their losers.
I dumped some milk on this geeky kid with glasses the other day becasue he is gay
by TJ May 20, 2003
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A cup of tea sniggins
Make us a snigs will ya?
by TJ February 23, 2004
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Something quantum is something to awsome for this world.
That fakie corckscrew you threw was fuckin quantum.
by TJ November 18, 2004
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