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Neuro-Typical: Individuals whose neurological pathology renders their sensory functioning, social skills and cognitive skills typical.

Neurotypical is a term used by autistic individuals to reference the unique subset of differences that define life on the autism spectrum.

The fact that people born onto the autism spectrum refer to non-autistic individuals as neurotypicals is not an attempt to stand apart from neurologically typical society. Autistic people coined the tern Neurotypical to help us make sense of and find peace within this Neurotypical community that we do not and can not always make sense of any other way.

People suggest that autistic individuals want to be different while claiming to want to be treated as normal. This is wrong. An autistic individual can no more be normal than a black person can pretend to be white. An autistic person demands RESPECT and nothing more from this, neurotypical world. The autistic demand of respect from this worlds neurotypical majority is no more than is demanded any other minority on Earth!
Bob and Jane are Kewl because while they are both Neurotypical they understand my many autism caused life challenges.

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Hoodlawn is another name for a section of Baltimore County, Maryland called Woodlawn. Woodlawn was orginally a very nice suburban area of Baltimore County just west of the Baltimore City line. Woodlawn is home to two major government headqurters complexes, SSA Social Security Administration and CMS Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (Formerly HCFA Healthcare Financing Administration) In 1950's SSA moved from its cramped downtown Baltimore location to what would become a sprawling beautiful headquarters campus complex in Baltimore County, Maryland in an area to be called Woodlawn. CMS came much later.

Unfortunately Woodlawn's proximity to Baltimore City made it easily accessible to urban mass transit. In time what started life in the 1950's as a very nice suburban world with fine shopping, a bowling alley and beautiful homes as now deteriorated to a crime ridden, drug infested violent hell hole filled with gangsta's, thugs and otther assorted HOODS! The area is so muddled in crime and low criminal types now that it is a NeighborHOOD, hence the name Woodlawn is now jokingly called HOODLAWN by locals who know the area all too well!
Hey girl I'm going to the mall out Hoodlawn to get me lil something something for myself. Maybe get me some body oil and smokes.

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MTA Mobility is a paratransit service for disabled patrons poorly run by idiots in the State of Maryland's Maryland Transit Administration. MTA Mobility should in truth be called MTA IMMobility because; it is seldom on time. MTA Mobility works sometimes but more often it takes you on a grand tour of Baltimore's worse inner city ghettos. The drivers of MTA Mobility are generally quite good but they are slaves to fools who actually administer this ill fated badly run para-transit program. The State of Maryland is run by a corrupt bunch of fools and political hacks oversee the program.

If you are lucky enough to have a job before using MTA Mobility you won't have it for long because; the only thing MTA Mobility is good for is getting you to work late. Not just a few minutes late hours late. If you have a 7 AM pick up time they might actually pick you up at 7 AM but if you have a 8:00 arrival time at destination you might get there at 10 o clock. If you are an hour late all your scheduled drop off location don't you dare say anything or else rude ignorant drivers will get angry and threaten you to a fight.

What lame people MTA Mobility hires that like to threaten violence to disabled working people. The MTA Mobility routing center is staffed by world class losers none of whom know the first thing about logistics ortransportation management.
The best reason to stay on disability and never even think of getting a job is MTA Mobility. The state of Maryland was stupid enough to spend thousands of dollars on my job training. I even got a good paying job BUT thanks to MTA Mobility I am about to lose the job. Maryland is a state run by fools who paid thousands of tax dollars to train me for a job. thousands more to prepare me for a job and now that I have the job won't spend a few dollors to help the disabled worker they created to get to his job on time.

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Small town just north of Baltimore City but is actually in Baltimore County. Towson is the Center of Baltimore County Government.

Towson is a fun place to live. Towson is not as rich and snooty as all that. Towson has two section 8 projects right smack in the middle of its Downtown. The Towson Section 8 tenant residents are more stuck up than any of the college students or old dames. Towson Section 8 tenants are mostly sad trash without cash. Old gay queens sit on park benches like spiders waiting for a young college fly to digest. Homeless bums infest the benches near the public library trading foul odors like playing cards. Heroin addicts stumble around looking for the nearby public defenders offices. Losers shop the narrow streets lined with Bail Bonds outlets. Ramshackle houses line small crowded streets trying to look historic but suceeding more at looking tired, forelorn and just plain worn out.
Yes Towson has its upscale pop. There are lots of college students and lots of bars for them to get smashed out of their gords drunk. There are wonderful places to eat. The number's 8, 11, 48 and 3 buses bring folks from the inner city to shop at one of the few remaining super malls offering high end merchandise in Baltimore. Towson Town Mall food court is filled with urban day trippers. Poor inner city folks who come out for a day of window shopping at fine stores. In the mall you see poor folk in tube tops and bras drooling over things they will likely never be able to afford.

You see huge ladies with thunder hips walking through the mall with tight fitting tops revealing endless rolls of hot smelly lard like fat. The biggest fat people are always standing in the way of mall traffic talking loud and acting boorish. Fat ugly thugged out men walking down the mall with equally ugly fat ladies trying desperately to look as if they belong among the endless sea of rich college kids whose every move speaks volumes about their having been born to a rich carefree lifestyle of which many dream.

Towson is home to ugly condos rushed up in a hurry during the housing bubble that never sold and ended up cheap apartment housing for college students. Towson is still upscale despite it all with Markets where you can spend $20 dollors buying all the fixin's for a tuna fish sandwich.

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This is one you hear a LOT and I am surprised it is not HERE! There are LOTS of ghetto people of every race, color and creed who try to sound important and well versed when talking about finances. They use the term PHYSICAL YEAR to discribe the beginning or end of a financial reporting period correctly spelled the FISCAL YEAR! The dead give away that someone is using the incorrect term PHYSICAL has there syliables while the proper term FISCAL has but two.
I would like to introduce Martha. Our accountant Martha will share the financial report for the past PHYSICAL YEAR with everyone!
by THE AUTISTIC WEREWOLF August 14, 2012

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