Hoodlawn is another name for a section of Baltimore County, Maryland called Woodlawn. Woodlawn was orginally a very nice suburban area of Baltimore County just west of the Baltimore City line. Woodlawn is home to two major government headqurters complexes, SSA Social Security Administration and CMS Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (Formerly HCFA Healthcare Financing Administration) In 1950's SSA moved from its cramped downtown Baltimore location to what would become a sprawling beautiful headquarters campus complex in Baltimore County, Maryland in an area to be called Woodlawn. CMS came much later.

Unfortunately Woodlawn's proximity to Baltimore City made it easily accessible to urban mass transit. In time what started life in the 1950's as a very nice suburban world with fine shopping, a bowling alley and beautiful homes as now deteriorated to a crime ridden, drug infested violent hell hole filled with gangsta's, thugs and otther assorted HOODS! The area is so muddled in crime and low criminal types now that it is a NeighborHOOD, hence the name Woodlawn is now jokingly called HOODLAWN by locals who know the area all too well!
Hey girl I'm going to the mall out Hoodlawn to get me lil something something for myself. Maybe get me some body oil and smokes.
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